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How to Delete iPhone Apps

With over 1 million apps in Apple's App Store, you can easily spend hours browsing and downloading the best games, social apps and productivity boosters that the marketplace has to offer. However, your apps could clog your iPhone quickly if you're not careful, especially with high-end titles like "Infinity Blade III" taking up close to 2 GB.

If you're ready to part ways with the iPhone apps you don't need anymore, here's how to get rid of them.

From Your iPhone

1. From your iPhone's home screen, tap and hold your finger on any app icon for a few seconds. The icons will begin to shake.

2. Tap the "x" bubble at the top left of the app you'd like to delete.

3. Select Delete.

From iTunes

1. Open iTunes on your PC or Mac.

2. Select your iPhone from the top right of the screen.

3. Select Apps.

4. Select a home screen that you'd like to edit.

5. Delete any unwanted apps by clicking on the small "x" bubble at the top left of its respective icon.

6. Once you've cleared out the apps you don't want anymore, click Apply to save your changes.

Mike Andronico is an Associate Editor at Tom's Guide. When he's not writing about games, PCs and iOS, you can usually catch him playing Street Fighter. Follow Mike at @MikeAndronico