The Best (and Worst) April Fools' Tech Jokes

Whether you love or hate it, the Internet becomes a minefield of fake news every April 1. You could keep your computer shut all day to avoid getting duped, but what's the fun in that? As always, a slew of tech companies have gotten in on the April Fools' Day action, and some of their made-up junk is actually pretty funny. Here are some of the standout April Fools tech jokes we've found, from ridiculous gadget concepts to flat-out failures.

Razer Changes The Toaster Game Forever

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Razer makes some of our favorite gaming peripherals, but what it's about to do next could change the bread landscape forever. Dubbed the "first gaming-grade kitchen appliance," Razer's Project Breadwinner toaster will imprint a Razer logo on your bread of choice. The crazy thing is I can already think of a few friends that would actually buy this.

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You Too Can Dress as Lame as Mark Zuckerberg

This is so dumb, it's brilliant. H&M announced a fake Mark Zuckerberg collection, which, as you might guess, consists of nothing but plain gray t-shirts and blue jeans. "I really want to clear my life so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community," said Zuckerberg in a joke quote. Bravo, H&M. Bravo.

Lyft Tricks NBA Star Into Thinking He's Been Fired

NBA star Andre Iguodala and ridesharing company Lyft joined forces for one of the most intricate and downright mean April Fools' pranks we've seen today. Iguodala's teammate Festus Ezeli hops in a Lyft to get to practice, only to hear over the radio that he's been cut from the Golden State Warriors. To make things worse, Iguodala has his teammates text Ezeli to make the fake firing feel extra-real.

YouTube Puts Snoop Dogg in All Your Videos

Hop on YouTube today and you might see a little Snoop Dogg head on your video player. That's a fake button for Snoopavision, a feature that, hilariously, inserts Snoop Dogg into any 360-degree video you watch. Talk about "high" definition.

Nvidia GeForce GTX Energy Drink Quenches Your Graphics Thirst

Given how popular energy drinks are in pro gaming, we wouldn't be shocked to see Nvidia's made-up GeForce energy drink become real. The fake drink contains 980 mg of caffeine (a clever nod to the company's GTX 980 video card), though we're not sure if drinking it will eliminate screen tearing in real life. 

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Google's DeepMind Beats Top Starcraft Players

Team Liquid's April Fools' joke could actually happen one day, which scares us a bit. The pro gaming team announced that Google's DeepMind AI has already defeated some of the best Starcraft II players in the world, signaling the beginning of the AI takeover in eSports. Considering that Google's AI has already beaten one of the best Go players in the world, its journey into competitive gaming doesn't seem that farfetched.

Hearthstone's MMO Spinoff Sounds Awfully Familiar

Blizzard jokingly announced Hearthstone: The MMO, which allows you to experience the card game's iconic fantasy characters in a massively multiplayer setting. Of course, that game has existed for years — it's called World of Warcraft. As most Heartstone fans know, the hit competitive card battler is inspired by the characters and worlds of Blizzard's massive MMO.

Google's Newest Innovation: Actual Reality

Who needs virtual reality when you have actual reality? Google's new Cardboard Plastic is a big chunk of clear plastic you can wear on your face, allowing to enjoy immersive 4D experiences complete with spatially accurate sound (also known as real life). Google also gets props for its realBooks ad, which lets readers re-clutter their homes with tablets and phones that only store one e-book each.

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OnePlus Puts Sandpaper Everywhere

OnePlus' sandstone-lined smartphones give the company's devices a unique grip, but why stop there. The handset maker's #GetSandstoned ad promises to add a sandy surface to normally slippery objects, from sneaker soles to… bars of soap?

T-Mobile Binge On Up Keeps Your Phone in Your Face

No one's getting duped by this fake T-Mobile ad. The Uncarrier's fictional "Binge On Up" device is a headband that keeps your phone glued to your face at all times, so you can do things like skateboard and take a bath while streaming Netflix. You might get a chuckle out of Binge On Up, but it's a pretty clear advertisement for T-Mobile's actual Binge On streaming plan.

Womp: Google's Mic Drop Joke is a Big Failure

We saved the worst for last. Google attempted to introduce a jokey Gmail feature called "Mic Drop," which promised that you'd get the last word on any email you send by preventing folks from being able to reply to you. However, after folks complained about accidentally sending Mic Drops (as well as the stupid GIFs that accompanied them), Google decided to pull the feature to keep people from inadvertently getting fired. Fortunately, as you can see from the list above, the rest of Google's pranks are actually pretty great.

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