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Ask An Expert: Social Media with Henry T. Casey

Are you having difficulty navigating the world of social media? Need an expert’s opinion on the latest and greatest? Not even sure where to start when it comes to Snapchat? We’re introducing on Tom’s Guide our advice installment ‘Ask an Expert’, hosted by your community staff.

For a time, we’re going to help you and answer questions regarding laptop tech support. What type of tech you’re looking for and the gear necessary to cover all your needs. 

Please join us on this date to throw your questions into the mix!

What: Ask an Expert

When: Thursday August 10th – Friday August 11th

Who: Your Community Staff with Special Guest Henry T. Casey

Our special guest this week is Henry T. Casey, Staff Writer on Tom’s Guide and LaptopMag. He keeps his social media accounts in check, as all go by the username @henrytcasey. He covers Apple, security, social media and music, and divides his free time among podcasting, going to concerts and enjoying the art of the squared circle.

‘Ask an Expert’ will be running from 10 AM August 10, 2017 to 3 PM August 11, 2017. The forum thread will open at 5PM August 9th in preparation for questions.

Ask An Expert Rules

  • All Rules of Conduct apply.
  • Keep questions direct and to the point.
  • Avoid opinion bias, as in, "Why are all your products awesome/horrible?"
  • Be respectful of our guests--no insults, no leading questions.
  • Do not post duplicate questions or repost your question multiple times.
  • Not all questions may be answered.
  • Questions may not be answered in the order in which they are received or posted.

To reiterate: No opinion bias, insults, leading questions, or breaking the Rules of Conduct. Breaking these rules may result in a one-day ban.

Only registered users will be able to ask questions, so if you haven’t yet, be sure to register now for your chance to participate!

The official representatives will reply periodically over the time the AMA is active using a recognized and verified account.

Last but not least, always ask us what you've wanted to ask an expert.