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Amazon Creates System to Exchange Your Gifts

Amazon has patented a new system that allows customers to exchange incoming gifts before they even arrive at their door. Unfortunately for those who received unwanted gifts this holiday season, the system isn't running just yet, but the company detailed how it may work for future holiday seasons.

The idea is that the an Amazon user could check a box on their profile that would "Convert all gifts from Aunt Mildred"  into something more useful such as a gift card to buy something actually useful. The new system will allow Amazon users to create "rules" in their profiles that prevent unwanted gifts from arriving at their home and turning them into wanted gifts.

Amazon states that their users may want to use this new service "because the user believes that this potential sender has different tastes than the user." Considering the massive range of products that Amazon offers, there are definitely a variety of odd tastes that the website may cater to. In the event that Aunt Mildred or the sender is sensitive about this type of thing, Amazon would even allow the user to send a thank-you note for the original gift.

In its patent application, Amazon stated that bad gifts are the source of major headaches for both the the sender and the recipient. People tend to pick conservative "safe" gifts for fear that the giftee won't appreciate or like a well thought-out gift, urging them "to feel free to exchange it if you don't like it". Since Amazon knows that the recipient of such gifts don't want to go through the hassle of repackaging and resending unwanted items, they have created this new system that does all of the work before the gift even arrives.

What do you guys do with unwanted gifts?