Adobe Adds 3D Printing Functions To Photoshop CC

3D printing aficionados can now get more creative control over their projects. Adobe is bringing 3D printing functions to its Photoshop Creative Cloud software. The update, which will be available for free for all Creative Cloud members today, also integrates output options with printers such as the Makerbot series or vendors such as

While users have been able to work with 3D objects in Photoshop for years now, this update integrates the option for 3D output, so you can print directly from the program. You can also import existing 3D projects in OBJ, STL, 3DS, Collada and KMZ files and beautify them with Photoshop's tools.

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Compared to existing 3D modeling tools, Photoshop CC gives you more creative options to refine, preview and prepare your objects. Add colors and textures or choose materials to personalize your model. Hit Print and Photoshop CC will let you preview what your masterpiece will look like based on the printer and materials you've chosen. It will also build scaffolds to prevent your structure from collapsing, and you can also preview these scaffolds. 

Those who don't have their own Makerbot 3D printer can choose to send their files to and have their creation mailed to them or shipped anywhere in the world.

We're intrigued by the potential this update adds to the library of tools available to 3D object-makers, and if you have a 3D printer already, you can also probably afford the $49.99 monthly fee for complete Creative Cloud membership. If cash is an issue, you can choose the $19.99 a month option for single titles.

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  • paradigital
    Users have been able to work with 3D objects in Photoshop CC for years? Photoshop CC is 7 months old! Seriously "Tom's", what exactly do you do when writing an article? Find the most misinformed "source" in the world and take their "story" verbatim?Also, what's going on with the retarded way the site now adds articles to the bottom of each page? It makes the action of the browser's back button that sporadic you have no way of knowing how many clicks will actually take you back a page! Do your "Devs" not test anything before release?
  • Jess Castro
    Yeah I also hate the new never ending story layout scroll thing. Aside from that photoshop is a pretty awful program to design 3d objects in. Maybe importing an existing obj etc and being able to smoothly paint it in photoshop would be easier on texturing..but i haven't bothered to try that yet.
  • reactive
    What sort of fool uses Photoshop for 3D work? It is not a 3D design program, and Adobe should stop pretending it has any place in a 3D workflow. But here they go again, trying to jump on the latest bandwagon by loading yet more horrible bloat into their obscenely over priced, creaky old product. If you want to do 3D work, use Blender - it doesn't cost anything. That's right Adobe - IT'S FREE!