Survey: 9 Percent Ditched PSN to Switch to XBL

The April breach of Sony’s PlayStation, Qriocity and SOE networks angered a lot of customers. Many felt that a company with so many millions of users should have had better security in place, and taken more care in protecting the information of its customers. Some even declared they would be trading in their PS3s because they could no longer trust Sony. So just how many have quit PSN cold turkey?

According to a recent survey by GameSpot, 9 percent of PlayStation users say they’ve traded PSN for Xbox Live. The results of the survey, which questioned 2,285 PS3-owning users, state that 64 per cent of people were "very unlikely" to switch from PSN to Xbox Live following the outage. Similarly, 67 percent responded that they were "very likely" to resume using PSN following the data breach and interruption to services.

A further 11 percent said a change from PSN to XBL was "somewhat unlikely," however, GameSpot reports that 9 percent said they had already switched over to Xbox Live, with another 5 percent saying they are either "somewhat" or "very likely" to do the same.

So that’s where users stand on continued use of PSN, but what about trust? Apparently 35 percent of those surveyed said their trust in Sony was unaffected by the outage and 23 percent actually hailed it as a good thing, if only because it will make corporations more stringent in locking down user information. What’s more, a large percentage of people seem to agree with Howard Stringer's belief that Sony handled the situation as best it could. GameSpot says 57 percent of people believe the calamitous event was handled 'appropriately.'

Do you still trust Sony? Will you be ditching your PSN account? Let us know in the comments below!

Jane McEntegart works in marketing communications at Intel and was previously Manager of Content Marketing at ASUS North America. Before that, she worked for more than seven years at Tom's Guide and Tom's Hardware, holding such roles as Contributing Editor and Senior News Editor and writing about everything from smartphones to tablets and games consoles.

  • nevertell
    I would have switched if PSN was something I had to pay for. But, since it's for free, I don't see a reason why.

    it's like sunlight- it's for free, but not always available. Of course, you can go to a tanning salon and have your fix there, but that costs money.
    I am not saying that it's acceptable that the PSN got hacked, I'm saying that people shouldn't be pissed if it wasn't for the info that got leaked.
  • Haserath
    Sony is trustworthy especially with the way they handled this. They tried to protect the users after the hack, but it seems someone knew exactly how to get through any security they had. I'm sure once they upgrade, they will make sure they don't get hacked like this again.

    At least they're giving something to try to make up for all of this.
  • shloader
    I trust Sony to enjoy keeping their share holders happy with continued revenue. If they want to continue doing that they've got a lot of damage control to perform on public relations, security... I think the question on the minds of the informed is 'are they finally intelligent enough to now make better decisions?'. Right now, their recent track record in the public eye is abysmal. I don't own any Sony products and never heavily used my PSN account when I had a PS3. I think this is all fascinating. Sony may be at a milestone in these events when they finally issue a deserved public apology and admission of liability. At that time if they say anything that could incite the hacking community further then this will continue drag on. So ... here's to hoping for a continued show of arrogance and short sighted stupidity on the part of Sony.

    Note; I'm not some anarchist by any means. I don't look at the news and laugh at flood victims... well except when a local north-west reporter interviews some seventy-five year old flood victim living in some hundred year flood plane for the last fifty years who's been flooded for the third time and then the camera pans out to show he's got lots of neighbors, hey... that's comedy. But seriously. Another poster in another forum said it best about Sony and such things - "Sometimes we need to get burned in order to realize the stove is hot to touch...
    " - freeagle, DT Forums. Everything I've done with Xbox Live is done by way of those code cards you can get at the store. I mean, how can you really feel safe handing your credit card # to a gaming console. That's getting lazy with your security at a personal level. At least do the online equivalent of rubbering up by using a prepaid card.
  • fonzy
    "9 Percent Ditched PSN to Switch to XBL"... It was Microsoft that did the attack and there plan worked out well.. just joking.

    With 3.2 Billion in losses last year and a bunch of money and customers lost because of the breach could the PS3 be there last console? Actually could this be the beginning of the end of Sony itself?
  • Manos
    HaserathSony is trustworthy especially with the way they handled this.
    REALLY?! o_O What planet am I from and its consumer then that I find it messed up to be let know that my Credit Card and the rest info are stolen? How come and i wanted to bust that dude's face open from Sony for saying "You didnt like my one week delay? Others might have taken longer!"? Who was going to pay for any damages ( thankfully none ) when I know that law here in greece wont help me get my money back? You? Or Sony? Or you?

    Do yourself a favor and gain some selfrespect and opinion of yourself. Thats all it takes to gain some perspective.
  • memadmax
    meh, free is free...
  • fleeb
    I really can't complain when it's free, right? I mean, if I have to pay for it then there is a level of expectation.

    But then again, I do not play online or I have not stored my credit card information in the PSN so this really does not affect me.
  • When PSN Store comes back up they're giving us two free games because of the hack.At least they care about us.
  • may1
    I'm sorry but it's stupid that people choose a console system because of a security flaw. MSFT are also vulnerable to such security flaws.
    Of course the best platform is PC, but I don't see any reason why one should switch from PS3 to Xbox (I'm not saying either is a better platform)
  • ironmb
    What is sad is that people still believe in the ps3.. hwo many times have they been hacked? 3 times? Let's be serious, anyone who knows ANYTHING about losing/stolen debit card is in denial of this. I dont give a crap whether sony offered identity protection, what? for only one year? YAYYYY WE'RE SAFE. XBL - has been hacked before, but no where near the extent of Sony. MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS had their information STOLEN. Get that through your thick heads. I was a Sony PS3 user well before this hack, after 2 dead blu-ray drives and 2 refurbished ps3's sent back to me. I hope sony's revenue hurts...