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14 Amazing Microsoft Kinect Hacks

Going Beyond the Xbox 360

With over eight million units sold in the first two months, Microsoft has hit a home run with its Kinect camera for the Xbox 360. From the ever-growing library of software to the voice- and motion control for the 360 UI, the Kinect is thus far doing its job by effectively extending the life of the Xbox 360 beyond the six years the console has already been out.

But the Kinect is rapidly evolving beyond the Xbox 360, as an entire community has emerged to re-purpose the hardware for a multitude of new projects. The closest correlation is rooting or “jailbreaking” a smartphone, as the majority of modders aren’t changing the hardware itself but are instead creating new software. While some projects are one-off ideas brought to life, others are creating easy-to-use software that give anyone with a Kinect and a PC a plethora of new uses. These Kinect hacks go beyond entertainment (although the bulk are for that exact purpose), and some are even helping to save lives.

At this point there are dozens, even hundreds, of hacked Kinect projects, so we’re going to focus on 14 of the most interesting, thoughtful, and hilarious hacks out today.