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Modder Selling Iron Man Xbox with Arc Reactor

It's not as mental as some of the case-mods we've seen in the past, but there's a certain amount of charm in this Iron Man-themed Xbox. Created by sculpture student Zachariah Perry Cruse, the console is painted a deep, matte red with glossy gold trim and features an arc reactor complete with blue and white lights. For those interested in the actual Xbox used here, it's supposedly a 120GB last generation console with HDMI.

Zachariah had the finished product for sale on eBay but has since pulled the listing (reason not known) and is selling it privately instead. No word on how much he's asking, but if you're interested, you can contact him via email at

Mr Cruse has plenty of more mods under his belt, including a NES-themed Gameboy Color and a Super Nintendo Portable. He previously sold a wearable arc reactor (seen below) on eBay, but only after he'd worn it to the Iron Man 2 screening himself. Zachariah said the reactor was made from "what was essentially stuff I had lying around on my workbench," and conceded, "It didn’t turn out too bad considering the hasty nature of this project." It sure didn't!

Check out his blog for more of his modding.