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Enjoy Nature in the Treehugger Pavilion

Over in Koblenz, Germany is a very interesting pavilion that has been created through the collaboration of one fine day and theUniversity of Applied Sciences in Trier. Hoping to give design and architectural students and craftsmen a fresh new understanding of computer aided architectural design and manufacturing, the 'Treehugger' pavilion is filled with unique polygonal shapes and designs.

The entire building is built around a single tree at the center, giving the pavilion a subtle link to its natural environment, which can be seen through the glass walls surrounding it. The Treehugger is a perfect place for adults and children to lounge and enjoy nature while in the comforts of a trendy and very awesomely illuminated building.

For more photographs and information on the Treehugger project be sure to head on over to Designboom's article here.