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Connect Your Christmas Lights to the Internet

Whenever Christmastime approaches, everybody does their best to have hearth and home evoke the spirit of the season. That means buying a tree and decorating it with ornaments and lights. Now most people would be content to buy off-the-shelf blinkers, but not designer Robert Quattlebaum. The certified gearhead created customized Christmas lights that are fully programmable, all from the comfort of his iPad.

Quattlebaum removed the stock controller that came with the lights, then hooked up the Yuletide bulbs to a networked set-top box hidden in a can of Altoids. The set-up allowed him to design a control scheme that can be accessed from any web-enabled system or gadget.

Quattlebaum is also spreading the Christmas cheer, so if you want your own Internet-ready Christmas lightshow, head over to his site to get more details.

[source: Deep Darc via Electronics Lab]