QuakeCon: Rage Coming to iPhone, Seven More

For old school gamers--and possibly a new generation of PC gamers as well--QuakeCon is causing quite a buzz, especially with the release of the new Rage trailer. While many believe that the event's days are numbered, its still thrilling to see new id Software-based titles make their debut, or plans for upcoming games bust into the gaming press.

Just recently, id Software released three games for the iPhone: Wolfenstein 3D, Doom Resurrection, and Wolfenstein RPG. Whereas the first title is a revamped port of the original PC classic, the latter two are new installments and prove that id Mobile and Apple's iPhone and iPod touch is a perfect match. Additionally, Wolfenstein RPG is an excellent game, taking the Wolfenstein environment and implimenting the turn-by-turn gameplay scheme found in Doom RPG, and Orcs and Elves.

According to Kotaku, id Software's mastermind John Carmack said during the press conference that the developer is working on three lines of iPhone games: the classic line, the role-playing line, and those games that are built from the ground up. Wolfenstein 3D falls into the "classics" category, and next up in line is a port of Doom Classic (3D) which will support local Wi-Fi multiplayer. He said that future classics in the works are Quake II, Quake Arena, and Doom 3.

As for the new line of games built from the ground up, Carmack said that there will be a Rage-themed game, possibly a racer. He also professed his belief that the Rage game engine--id Tech 5--can actually run on the iPhone 3GS. All in all, id Software has eight iPhone titles on the schedule, either already published or on the way.

"I would expect an iPhone title from id every other month and that's going to be neat," he said. Based on Carmack's press conference address, currently there's no word if Quake and Doom II will appear on the iPhone thereafter.

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