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You Don't Have to Buy Both PS3 Move Controllers

One of the criticisms of Sony's motion sensing platform, Move, is that it involves at least two different pieces of equipment: the PlayStation Eye and the Move Wand. Optional is the Move navigation controller, which is needed to play certain games (as is the case with the nunchuk for the Wii).

The Wand by itself is $49.99 and the Navigation Controller is $29.99. Now I don't know about you, but $80 is pricey enough for one set of controllers, especially if you don't already have the PlayStation Eye. However, it seems as though you don't actually need the Navigation Controller, even if you do want the full experience.

Joystiq reports that, although it might not be as comfortable, you can actually replace the Navigation Controller with a DualShock 3 controller. At an E3 presentation about Move, Sony's Anton Mikhailov confirmed that the two controllers are interchangeable.You'll be holding the DualShock with one hand and only using the d-pad and analog stick but if you can come to terms with that, you'll save yourself $30.