X360 Getting Support for PayPal, XGD3 Format

Next Thursday, May 19, will bring an important update to the Xbox 360 Dashboard according to a schedule leaked by a Microsoft tech support employee. Sorry, the Mii-like clones won't be eradicated in the next OS update, but it appears that owners will at least have the ability to use PayPal as a method of payment starting next week.

"The Spring 2011 System Update will expand PayPal to new international markets and enable PayPal to be used as a payment instrument for points, content and subscriptions purchased on the Xbox 360 console," the document reveals. "This is the only user facing feature of this update."

The arrival of a PayPal feature couldn't come at a better time as Sony continues to reboot the PlayStation Network after hackers infiltrated its virtual walls through a known security flaw. The hackers supposedly retrieved personal information from millions of users-- including credit card numbers—thus forcing Sony to bring the network offline while offering to compensate users with free games and a year's worth of identity theft protection for free.

To some degree, using PayPal will help protect Xbox 360 owners on a financial level. It will also make it easy on consumers who don't have a credit card, or not enough credit to immediately purchase content on the console. This will also be an additional form of payment for those having trouble with credit cards stemming from the PlayStation Network breach.

The news of PayPal also arrives after Microsoft announced that it purchased Skype for $8.5 billion in cash. Skype will support devices like the Xbox 360 and Kinect, possibly allowing Xbox 360 users to place VoIP calls straight from the console. This is where PayPal would come in handy, allowing users to purchase Skype credits, pay by the minute and more. Skype already gladly accepts PayPal payments.

In addition to the PayPal option, Microsoft is also adding support for the higher-capacity Xbox Game Disc Format (XGD3) media which will supposedly be used on future game titles slated to launch later this year. The new media adds additional storage space on the optical disc for developers and additional layers of copy protection to fight against potential modders.

The document reports that the Spring 2011 System Update rollout will begin on May 19 and will complete on May 30. "Unlike previous system updates, this release will occur gradually in 6 separate groups starting from 5/19 through 5/30," the company said. "This is being done to ensure a high quality deployment."

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  • fyasko
    great, grand, wonderful, i wonder how much skype is gonna cost...
  • virtualban
    fyaskogreat, grand, wonderful, i wonder how much skype is gonna cost...I wonder that too. How much is skype gonna cost to skype customers? ;)
  • eddieroolz
    This is indeed a great time to introduce PayPal. It's much safer than giving companies your raw credit card number.
  • Yeah but you're giving your CC info to Paypal. What is the difference? I have had bad experience's with Paypal and I would tell anyone to stay away from them in possible. They do not care about you as a customer.
  • techguy378
    It's way too easy for hackers to get into someone's linked bank account through Paypal and drain someone dry. It's far safer and easier to give your credit card number and deal with any fraud directly with your card issuer. It's also important to note that zero fraud liability is only guaranteed for credit transactions and not debit.
  • alextheblue
    The new disc format was a bit of a surprise, but a good one. They managed to cut down on the amount of space used for copy protection quite a bit.

    Also, what in the world does "Let's facelift bar!" mean anyway?
  • PhoneyVirus
    The only thing the Xbox 360 is good for is taking your money and for the record C4Eva owns the Xbox 360 NOT Microsoft, the console is infected. The new Disc Format (XGD3) is noting, with C4Eva's LT+ v2.0 Firmware it allows you to run Backups or Pirated games from torrents and play them online with people that have bought the game from say for Wal-mart. Save money and time because Consoles are like slot machines.
  • XGD3 is not a new type or size of disc.Current discs have 1 gig reserved for video partition security (waves).Thet are just getting rid of it,as its by passed with ease.So they have on paper an xtra gig to play with.There is no actual difference in the size of discs.Im sure there will be new anti copying software on the new discs,which will prevent the disc being copied.Removal of copywright protection will give crc failure and disc will show up and flag console.Next six months and the dust will have settled.C4eva im sure has already thought of all eventualities.
  • omnitech_89
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