Rumor: PlayStation 4 Coming 2012, Will Bring Kinect-like Motion Control

Just a couple of weeks ago we heard reports that Microsoft was gearing up to present the new generation of Xbox console, the Xbox 720, at E3 2012. VideoGamer claimed to have spoken to Crysis developer Crytek and learned that Microsoft plans to announce and launch the console before Sony gets the PS4 out the door.

Today brings news of Sony's next-gen PlayStation, the PS4, which will supposedly arrive next year, too. While it's not yet clear if the PS4 will indeed arrive after the Xbox 720, it seems the new PlayStation may borrow some features from Microsoft's motion-sensing peripheral. According to Digitimes, the source of the reports that say PS4 will arrive next year, the console will boast body movement-based control similar to Kinect.

Of course, Sony already has its own motion-controlled platform (Move), which utilizes a special wand that is tracked by the PlayStation Eye. Still, it's possible Sony will evolve Move so that it actually tracks your movements and not just a rather strange looking controller.

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  • Marco925
    Lets hope it isnt bloody expensive like the PS3
  • Anonymous
    Let's hope it's easier to develop for than the PS3. Pigs might also fly.
  • Sabiancym
    When will it end! I'm starting to think that the 2018 game of the year will be a flyswatting mini-game with facebook or google+ integration.......
  • Other Comments
  • Marco925
    Lets hope it isnt bloody expensive like the PS3
  • lunyone
    So the Xbox and the PS4 will be released in 2013-14 during the Holiday rush? I seem to remember they talk about the new consoles for about a year or so before they are actually released? Am I wrong in that acertation?
  • back_by_demand
    Where is the outrage that Sony are copying Microsoft technology?
    Haters gotta hate.