Motorola's DROID Does Plenty the iPhone Can't

DROID is a new phone from Motorola and Verizon Wireless. Running on Google's Android OS, this device is not the same social networking phone (dubbed the CLIQ) that we've been hearing about over the last few weeks. In fact, the campaign for DROID makes Motorola's CLIQ look like a bit of a lackluster effort.

For those of you who weren't watching ALCS game between the Yankees and the Angels, the 30 second TV spot takes a swipe at Apple and all the things the iPhone can't do, e.g., "iDon't have a real keyboard,' and 'iDon't run simultaneous apps.' This is all followed up with a resounding "DROID DOES."

Feel free to get yourself all caught up by checking out the video below.

So, now we know we're looking at a November release, a real keyboard (possibly a virtual keyboard with a slide-out QWERTY), the ability to run more than one app at a time, a 5mp camera with an LED flash for taking pictures at night or in the dark, interchangeable batteries (should you feel the need to carry a second battery for your phone) and, of course, that it's going to be available on Verizon's nework.

Other little tidbits gleaned from reports around the web say it's going to be the first phone to run Android 2.0 (the CLIQ is v1.5 aka "Cupcake" and we're currently at v1.6 aka "Donut") and will have voice recognition. Hardware-wise, ZDNet reports that DROID packs 3.7-inch 480×854 pixels touchscreen with WVGA+, 256MB RAM, GPS, 16GB microSD with support for a higher capacity and a 1400 mAh battery.

Jane McEntegart works in marketing communications at Intel and was previously Manager of Content Marketing at ASUS North America. Before that, she worked for more than seven years at Tom's Guide and Tom's Hardware, holding such roles as Contributing Editor and Senior News Editor and writing about everything from smartphones to tablets and games consoles.

  • spanspace
    I don't own an Android phone or an IPhone. But it's great to see Apple getting knocked down a few notches. Droid vs IPhone is the next MAC vs PC battle.
  • tayb
    I like the first part of the commercial then all of the sudden I felt like I was watching a District 9 commercial. Should have finished the commercial the same way it started parodying Apple and their iPod/iPhone commercials. It was funny... and then it was odd.

    I don't know why someone has totally ripped off the iPod/iPhone commercials. They are so unimaginative and easy to replicate... just play music, show product, write things on screen, end commercial.
  • o0RaidR0o
    More like MAC vs Linux...LOL!
  • frozenlead
    I really liked this commercial, too.

    Of course, it only matters if the phone actually delivers.
  • o0RaidR0o
    frozenleadI really liked this commercial, too.Of course, it only matters if the phone actually delivers.
    Let's pray it does! I only say this, not that it really will, because the blind really need to see what they are not getting with there iPhoney's.
  • etichi
    good. I was waiting to get an iPhone. Next iteration will be all the better. I love competition!
  • lifelesspoet
    Apple, these are not the droids your looking for.
  • thedipper
    iDo explode in your pocket.

    iDo drop calls.

    iDo have large security holes.

    iDo have features that still don't work.

    iDo have a highly restricted app market.

    Droid doesn't.
  • AdamB5000
    Great ad. I don't really keep up on phone tech so I wasn't aware of this ad or product, but I was glued to the tv during this commercial. So yeah.. marketing team did a good job.
  • tarheels_100
    There's one thing that people never consider when comparing the iPhone to competitors: does it have a glass-covered capacitive touch screen? For me, there is a night and day difference between the cheap old pressure sensitive touch screens that a lot of phones are shipping with today and the capacitive touch screen on the iPhone. If you can't get the interface right, nothing else is going to matter.