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Q Sensor Bracelet Detects Your Mood, Tweets About It

Nowadays, most of us have a friend or acquaintance who just can't go about their days without posting several social media updates about their lives. Sure it might not take much time or effort to whip out a smartphone and come up with a quirky status update, but what about those who are too lazy to even put that much effort into their social network profiles.

In those cases, Affectiva's Q-Sensor may be the perfect social network companion. The Q-Sensor is an innovative bracelet that utilizes multiple sensors to measure galvanic skin responses, electrical conductance, temperature and overall movement. Much like a highly advanced lie detecting mood ring hybrid, the Q-Sensor is capable of detecting physiological and psychological arousal and using pre-installed software to determine the wearer's mood. The bracelet will also save mood data and tweet it if the wearer desires. 

Of course this could be annoying in the wrong hands. Luckily for us, the Q-Sensor comes with a $2,000 price tag, the perfect deterrent for social network crazed addicts who will likely share more moods than the world cares to hear about. The price tag is probably due to the fact that Affectiva is marketing its product for research and medical use, though CEO Dan Berman is enthusiastic about its future in social networking and online gaming.