Don't Attempt to Play Kinect Games Before Nov. 4

Just in case you've managed to get your hands on a Kinect game ahead of the November 4 release date, you should probably know that attempting to play it would mean bad things for you and your Xbox 360.

Kotaku reports that one reader who managed to get himself an early copy of Kinectimals has been locked out of Xbox Live after trying to play the game.

Ken says:

"Just a word of warning that if you receive an Xbox Kinect game early and perform the title update, it will also update your console to the new dashboard. Unfortunately, the update isn't the newest version, and every time you try to sign into Live it will try to update to a version that does not exist on the server. Since you can't connect to Live without the newest version the system will be locked out until the update goes on the servers."

So Ken is stuck unless he reverts to an older update, right? Well, Ken is definitely stuck, but no, he can't revert to an older update. When someone suggested doing so in the comments, Ken said he'd already tried that.

"I already tried that. :( Going back to the old version of the dashboard doesn't work with any conventional or unconventional methods."

No word on when the update will hit the servers, but we assume it will be on or before November 4, when Kinect launches for real. Until then, Ken, and others in the same situation, will just have to take up scrap booking to pass the time.

Source: Kotaku

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