Microsoft Deems Xbox Live User's Gamertag Inappropriate, Gamertag Is User's Real Name

While it could be argued that the user, who according to goes by the name of Grant, simply meant gay in the lesser known, original sense of the word (click here to check out, the Xbox Live team told Kotaku that they had received a complaint from a user who found the tag to be offensive and so, asked him to change it. The team also said that had the tag been TheStraighterGamer or TheHeterosexualGamer, the same thing would have happened.

Yesterday a similar incident emerged in what seems to be a crack down in names with sexual connotations. Microsoft mailed a Register reader in the UK who goes by the name of Richard Gaywood with a similar request for a change of gamertag.

“In accordance with Xbox Live Policy, the gamertag Richard Gaywood is no longer allowed. Please change your gamertag before playing on Xbox Live.”

The catch? Richard Gaywood just happens to be the Briton’s real name. Whoops?

Gaywood told the Register he wasn’t really sure whether he should be amused or annoyed.

"I can’t decide if I’m amused or annoyed by this. Amused by it all but annoyed at the stupidity, I think."

Microsoft has yet to comment on the bone of contention.

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