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Facebook Adds Face Detection for Photo Uploads

If you have a Facebook profile, you've probably seen tagged pictures of you that you feel aren't accurate representations of your real-life persona. Whether it looks like the camera's 10 pounds all went to your chin or the photographer hit the 'go' button just as you were demonstrating your I-can-fit-my-whole-fist-in-my-mouth party trick, there are some photos you'd rather not have everyone see.

The good thing is that tagging is boring and time consuming so a lot of people don't bother. Well, you better hope they don't find Facebook's new feature too convenient. Though it's not quite as drastic as Picasa's feature, which uses facial recognition to automatically tag faces that you've tagged in the past, Facebook is making it easier to tag people with the introduction of facial recognition technology. Before, you had to select someone's face and then type in their name. Now, Facebook is automatically picks out the faces in photographs and just asks you for the name.

It's not a huge change, but Facebook's Sam Odio says the social networking site is always working on ways to improve the photo sharing on Facebook. We figure it won't be long until they introduce some kind of auto-tagging.