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Facebook Suing Mark Zuckerberg... of Israel

Facebook is reportedly suing Mark Zuckerberg for violating its terms of service using the business he co-founded, the Like Store.

Zuckerberg's Like Store was established to help individuals and business entities increase their "likes" on Facebook. But in September, the company's profile page was removed because it was allegedly selling "likes" to advertisers. Stating that Facebook can only provide this type service, the social website ordered Zuckerberg to close his Facebook shop and never access the site, its services, platform or network for any reason whatsoever.

Now here’s the kicker: his name really isn't Mark Zuckerberg, or at least, that's not his birth name. Israeli entrepreneur Rotem Guez went to the Ministry of Home Affairs on December 7 and legally changed the name listed on his passport and other forms of identification to Mark Zuckerberg. This move was reportedly an attempt to dodge Facebook's lawsuit -- to see if Facebook will actually sue Mark Zuckerberg -- and will likely be his name for the rest of his life.

According to Guez/Zuckerberg, he's counter-suing Facebook because the company disabled the Like Store profile and pages without any apparent, legitimate reason. In the meantime, he has established new Twitter and Facebook accounts using his new legally-adopted name.

"I'm Mark Zuckerberg and I'm Time's Troll of the year!" Guez wrote on the Facebook page which has thus far gained 4,648 "likes" (and 3,258 are talking). As CBS News points out, trolling is defined as "trying to get a rise out of someone. Forcing them to respond to you, either through wise-crackery, posting incorrect information, asking blatantly stupid questions, or other foolishness."

Unfortunately, additional details regarding both lawsuits are unavailable at this time. "Protecting the people who use Facebook is a top priority and we will take action against those who violate our terms," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement given to ZDNet.

"Will Facebook sue Mark Zuckerberg? or maybe the opposite? Stay tuned!" muses Guez on his website.