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Facebook Rolls Out New Homepage

It’s been a day or so since Facebook launched its new homepage and we’re eager to know what you think.

Initially we were open to the idea but overnight, we’ve sort of found it all a bit tiresome. The new all-in-one homepage makes it hard for us to easily differentiate between status messages and wall posts. With everyone updating pictures and photos and changing their status messages as well as commenting on friends’ walls throughout the day, things get shifted to the bottom of the pile pretty quickly. To be fair, there’s usually not much to miss out on in the space of a day but it was something we noticed right off the bat and it was something we never had a problem with before. We’re not blind to Facebook’s intention of bringing you realtime updates all in one place, but this buffet style homepage is off putting.

While most of us are stuck with the new Facebook homepage, some of you have yet to be thrown in at the deep end. To you we say, be afraid. It’s not pretty. For those of you who have, let us know what you think. Are we being too quick to judge?

We’re still dealing with the support groups from the last layout change and the fact that the button that took you back to the old layout disappeared after a while. We also wait with baited breath for the “If we get a million members facebook will change back to the way it was” groups.

New design aside, we’ve heard on the grapevine that Facebook is going to be rolling out vanity URLs to anyone and everyone pretty soon, which will no doubt cause some headaches for those all fighting over the same URLs. While no one else on Facebook is registered as Jane McEntegart (there aren’t many folk with my second name which is why, I assume, a Jeff McEntegart has been sending me friend requests since I joined) we figure everyone else will be working on a first come, first served basis. Facebook used to only offers vanity URLs to bands and businesses but has been awarding a select few people (mostly actors and the like) with their own URLs.

So, thoughts on the new page and vanity URLs, go!