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Facebook Announces June 20 Mystery Event

Facebook has apparently been working on something big and the social networking giant is almost ready to share its big plans. ABC News says it received an invitation to a launch event next week that will take place at Facebook's Menlo Park headquarters.

The invitation offers no inclination as to what the company plans to unveil but it seems Facebook is keeping things small and intimate. It doesn't sound like a lot of people were asked to the event and the invitation itself asks the recipients to coffee, which also suggests it's not going to be a big hullabaloo.

Facebook earlier this week announced clickable hashtags, which will bring it in line with the likes of Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. At the time, Facebook's Greg Lindley said that hashtags were just the beginning of a larger effort to help other users discover and take part in public conversations and that Facebook would be rolling out more features 'in the coming weeks and months.' Could Thursday's event be another news-related product? Stay tuned!