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Facebook Launches App for Not-so-Smartphones

Perhaps you don’t see the need for a smartphone, but can’t help but go green with envy whenever a friend whips out his phone to update his Facebook status on the go. Well, maybe the social network’s latest endeavour will give you the best of both worlds: Facebook on your dumbphone!

Facebook yesterday revealed the launch of a new mobile app that will allow users of some of the most popular cell phones in the world access to Facebook. Compatible with more than 2,500 handsets from manufacturers such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and LG, the app offers easier navigation of the homepage, contact synchronization, friend updates and more.

Developed in a close collaboration with Snaptu, the app will be available on selected networks in the following countries: Sri Lanka, the Ukraine, Poland, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Tunisia, Dominican Republic and Romania. Future launches are scheduled for Canada, India, Mexico, Brazil and Bulgaria. Facebook has also cooperated with operators in the 14 countries listed above to ensure users don’t incur any data charges for the first 90 days. This means you can try it out, and, if you don’t like it, ditch it before it costs you any money.

Facebook plans to bring the app to more countries and carriers as time goes by, so we’ll update you if we hear of anything about the U.S. or UK.

Read more about the app on the Facebook Blog.