Facebook Launches Revamped, Faster Android App

Facebook has launched a revamped Android app, offering users improvements pertaining to both speed and performance.

The social network has removed its hybrid native and HTML5 webview experiment, and has instead incorporated custom code to deliver faster loading times, disk cache, new user interfaces, among other improvements.

Facebook said that the updated app, entitled Android 2.0, had "several" of the social network's Android's core features being rebuilt. Another improvement is the ability to tap to open a photo "so you can quickly like and comment."

As well as faster comments, quicker uploads and being able to 'like' a post instantly, Facebook's coders built an automatically updated story banner to "bubble up" the latest stories without refreshing.

Bradley Horowitz, Google+'s VP of product, had recently stressed that Facebook is a "social network of the past", and that its intrusive advertisements are "pissing off users".


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  • halcyon
    Android and Facebook. Seems like an oxymoron to me.
  • twisted politiks
    And yet the app STILL turns on my GPS after I have had it disabled, keeping it from being disabled short of a reboot. Been having this problem FOREVER. I'll still be using the web version for my phone, thank you.
  • ltdementhial
    im using "Fast" for facebook instead theyre app since my phone (LG GT540) has only 180mb of ram, i will try the new one because HTLM5 runs smooth on my cellphone i don't have support for Adobe Flash in my phone but a mooder made an port from the html5 from Android 4.1 to my phone and they work better that the shitty Flash.