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Best Buy Threatens Priest's ''God Squad'' Car

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (opens in new tab), Father Luke Strand (center) has been driving a black Volkswagon Beetle with 'God Sqaud' stickers on the doors since he was a seminarian. Unfortunately, he may not be driving it in it's current state for very much longer. Fr. Strand has received a letter from Best Buy's lawyers claiming it violates the trademarked logo of their well known 'Geek Sqaud' tech support team.

A friend of Fr. Strand said the vehicle was just a little fun, intended to incite discussion in the community.

"There was never any kind of formal God Squad group or organization. Father Luke and some friends simply decided to design a car that would act as a cool and fun way to bring our faith into the public. It's just a conversation starter," Janasik told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"It's obviously not a Best Buy vehicle. When people see the car in public they usually laugh, and then it leads into lots of great conversations with strangers about faith and God."

A senior Best Buy PR representative confirmed that they had made contact with Strand regarding a trademark infringement and elaborated that sending the cease-and-desist order was a hard decision to come to.

"This was a really difficult thing for us to do because we appreciate what Father Strand is trying to accomplish with his mission. But at the end of the day, it's bad precedent to let some groups violate our trademark while pursuing others," Paula Baldwin, senior manager for public relations at Best Buy told the Journal.

Best Buy is said working with Strand to come up with a new logo.

*Image via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (opens in new tab)

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  • mlopinto2k1
    This whole Trademark crap is reaaaaally getting out of hand. THEY AREN'T SELLING ANYTHING! JEEZ!
  • pbrigido
    Wow. Low blow Best Buy.
  • tarzan2001
    If it wasn't for that VW New Beetle, that picture could easily seem like it was taken in the '40s or '50s! :P
  • Roten67
    Very LOW BLOW indeed BB, so you have a manopoly on a round circle a G and the word squad Hmmmm
  • I call troll. not for the story, but for the world entire. It's all just getting too silly.
  • Roten67
    OH and a VW Beetle
  • WyomingKnott
    God Squad public-access TV show (on Long Island) is older than the Geek Squad. So there.
  • truehighroller
    Best Buy Lawyers are no different from other Lawyers I suppose, they all need to burn in hell.
  • mpavao81
    I never did like Best buy, this just makes me dislike them even more. Ive had problems with warranty issues and return issues that made me hate them already, ill never shop there again. And i cant believe they would stoop this low, this is just sick.
  • HalJordan
    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.