Archos Unveils $99 'Arnova 7' Android Tablet

Archos has yet to break into the tablet business in a big way. The company has launched several Android tablets but none have been as successful as say, Samsung's Galaxy Tab. So will a tablet under a hundred dollars change that?

The company today unveiled a brand new Android tablet running on Froyo. However, what's got everyone talking about this device is not the specs or the OS, it's the price. The Archos Arnova 7 will retail for just $99 when it's launched. That's the cheapest Froyo tablet we've ever seen, so it's bound to catch the attention of shoppers on a budget.

Specswise, you get what you pay for. The Arnova 7 packs Android 2.2, a 7-inch 800x400 resolution display, 4GB or storage (expandable via the built-in SDHC slot), 720p playback and access to the AppsLib app store. There's no camera on this puppy -- so you can forget taking photos or video calling your sister that lives on the opposite side of the country -- and the spec sheet is devoid of any information regarding the processor, graphics or RAM. That doesn't necessarily mean Archos omitted the information for a reason, but at $100 you can bet it's not going to be Nvidia's dual-core Tegra 2 chipset under the hood. Still, can you really turn your nose up at a $99 tablet?

Release is not yet known, but, as always, we'll keep you posted.

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  • joytech22
    Even for 720P video playback you need some decent hardware in there.
    Not bad for $100. I do wish that there were specs floating around somewhere.
  • christop
    Cool for 99 bucks I might buy one for the hell of it.
  • dalethepcman
    Exactly how can you claim to have 720p video playback on an 800x400 screen? you can't even claim 480p on that res. That's almost SVGA quality, but for $100 i'm not complaining, I just think its wrong to mis represent any device.