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The New Vivo Nex 2 Looks Cooler Than Any Other Phone Out There

This the Vivo Nex 2. With its full frontal screen, a back selfie display with three cameras plus flash, and a strange “lunar ring” light that acts as a notification light, it looks weirdly different compared to today’s standards — but also really cool.

Credit: Ben Geskin

(Image credit: Ben Geskin)

Vivo has outdone itself. After surprising everyone with the pop-up camera and true full-screen display of the Vivo Nex, the company its releasing the Vivo Nex 2, which takes inspiration from the Nubia X and oneups it with seemingly better features and a sleeker design.

Half-revealed first in an annoying YouTube marketing stunt and then fully revealed in a render by phone rumor master Ben Geskin and an actual photo by an user of the Chinese social site Weibo, the Vivo Nex 2 looks striking.

It features dual screens, like the Nubia X. An almost bezel-free display with with fingerprint recognition covers almost the entire front of the phone. On the back, a very large screen — larger than the Nubia X — allows users to take selfies using its three main cameras and its flash.

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Circling the two central cameras is a large RGB LED-illuminated ring that Vivo seems to refer to as the “lunar ring”. Apparently, it is designed to give visual notifications, like phones of yore.

Credit: Weibo

(Image credit: Weibo)

Like the above photo shows, it actually gets into the back display somehow. We don’t know if part of the ring is simulated by the screen on the back (which presumably is OLED, like the Nubia X), but that seems to be the case.

What we do know is that it looks really neat. In a saturated market where every phone used to look exactly the same, it’s refreshing to see manufacturers trying all sorts of wacky things. It’s like they are getting back to the early days of phones, where there was no iPhone-driven standard and Nokia, Motorola, and Sony kept trying all sort of design changes.

And no matter if some of you think you don’t need any of these new dual screen phones, foldable phones, or sliding phones, the fact is that change, experimentation and innovation is good. If Chinese manufacturers want to get all wacky on us, that seems perfectly fine to a gadget nerd like me.