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PlayStation VR Extrasensory Suit Lets You See, Feel Sound

I've played Rez Infinite on PlayStation 4 and I've played it on PlayStation VR. However, this the first time that I've ever played it on a PS4 with a PS VR strapped into a full-bodysuit packing 24 integrated actuators.

The music-driven light show took place in Sony's Future Lab during SXSW, led by none other than world-renowned game designer and programmer Mark Cerny.

Dubbed the Rez Infinite + Synesthesia Suit, this exhibit takes the phrase "get into the game" to a whole other level. In case you're unfamiliar with the term, synesthesia refers to the phenomenon where a person has extraordinary sensory reaction. For example, some people can taste colors or shapes while others might hear sounds as hues.

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But at the Sony Future Lab, synesthesia means that 3 out of 5 of my senses are being accessed in the suit. The built-in actuators are designed to thump, pause and activate the integrated LEDs with the music. So whenever I blasted a group of futuristic enemies undulating towards me at dizzying speeds, the resulting musical riff activated specific spots in the suit. It was like wearing an EDM track. 

Once I got the hang of it, I found myself blasting baddies to the beat and having a damned good time doing it. When I focused on the sensations coming from the suit, I noticed that the vibrations were nuanced depending on the instrument. Stringed instruments, for example, offered a lighter vibration compared to the deep bass punctuation the game's soundtrack. 

And while Rez Infinite is good by itself or virtual reality, the definitive experience is being strapped into a full bodysuit that allows you to truly feel the game and the music.