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Top-Selling VR Headset Just Dropped to $12

If you aren't ready to drop hundreds of dollars on a premium virtual reality headset, how about dropping $12? The Pasonomi VR headset is just one of a thriving number of budget VR headsets that are worthy of your attention.

Pasonomi VR HeadsetView Deal

For a limited time, Amazon has the Pasonomi VR Headset for just $12 via coupon code "F9YOQSTY". That's $18 off and the least-expensive VR headset we've seen to date.

You may not be familiar with Pasonomi, but the company actually makes one of the lightest — and most comfortable — VR headsets in the market.  This headset is particularly good if you own a large smartphone (over 6 inches) because it's one of the few headsets that can accommodate both traditional and plus size smartphones.

In terms of performance, don't expect Oculus-like graphics and you'll be fine. It's possible to get a clear image with the Pasonomi, but it requires some work given the lens adjustment mechanism.

Oculus, Samsung, and HTC may dominate the mainstream virtual reality market, but when it comes to budget headsets Pasonomi is an excellent way to dive into the realm of VR without making a hefty investment. 

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