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Leaked Palm Phone Has a Crazy Small 3.3-inch Screen

If we've learned anything in the smartphone market, it's that nothing ever really dies. And that's been made abundantly clear in a new leak for an upcoming Palm (yes, Palm) device.

Credit: Android Police

(Image credit: Android Police)

The folks over at Android Police have gotten their hands on a couple of images and details on an upcoming Palm device codenamed Pepito. And arguably the smartphone's strangest feature is its alleged 3.3-inch LCD display featuring a paltry 720p resolution. It'll also reportedly come with a small 800mAh battery pack and will be powered by the Snapdragon 435 processor.

Add that to 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, according to Android Police, and the Pepito seems rather underpowered compared to just about every other device on store shelves.

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The Palm device's design is also somewhat disappointing. There's no all-screen design here. Instead, it looks like an old iPhone with big bezels all around and a rather thick design. There's also just one camera sensor on the rear in the image Android Police obtained.

By the look of it, the smartphone will be running on Android. According to Android Police, it'll be available with Android 8.1. But whether it'll actually gain any traction remains to be seen.

This Palm device is being built by TCL, the same company trying to revive the ailing BlackBerry brand. Palm doesn't exactly conjure the greatest of feelings in today's smartphone buyers. It's also worth noting that this device will only be available through Verizon, so the customer base it could attract will be rather limited.

But apparently TCL believes there's some value in older brands. And perhaps there are some old-time Palm fans that don't want or need a hefty $1,000 smartphone and simply want a low-cost device that will allow for placing calls and accessing the Web.

Android Police's sources didn't say when the Pepito might make its way to store shelves. The sources also weren't sure how much it would cost. But if it's real, look for much more on this one as we head towards its launch.

  • dpotesta
    It's a perfectly fine device I'm sure if it's priced right. The lower-end market still needs decent products.
  • jouten
    In a world quickly being filled with $1K+ phones, this should be welcomed with open arms...