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OnePlus 5T Can't Stream Netflix in HD, Fix Promised

Sure, the OnePlus 5T packs a beautiful high-res AMOLED display, but how does OnePlus expect you to chill with the phone if it can't stream Netflix in HD?

Yes, you read that right: according to a post on XDA, the 5T (and all OnePlus phones) can't stream Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video and Google Play Movies, in HD. This is due to the phones not containing the Level 1 version of Widevine digital rights management (DRM) technology, used to stream content without risking piracy.

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A rep from OnePlus told The Verge that the company will push out an update for the 5T to enable Widevine Level 1, but did not explain the absence of the DRM software on the phone. No time frame was provided when the rep was asked how long it will take for the phone to get this feature.

Over on the OnePlus user forums, fans are of two minds. While user clogger says they will be returning their 5T and user whatthefunk calls it a ridiculous issue, others, such as MentalDraco, don't seem to be that bothered, claiming that OnePlus explained this in an AMA.

The absence of HD streaming from such major services certainly feels like an oversight, but it feels more like a hiccup than a dealbreaker.

However, it would be a major shame if this problem continued to plague the OnePlus 5T through the new year, as the phone is an amazing value with its fantastic display, long battery life and speedy performance. Based on our tests, the OnePlus 5T is also the fastest-charging smartphone.

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