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OnePlus 2 No Longer Requires Invite

The only phone that required an invitation before you could buy it just got less exclusive. At midnight ET on Dec. 5, the OnePlus 2 (starting at $329) can be bought by anyone who wants it, without an invite. And that's how it's going to stay, with OnePlus doing away with invitations for its flagship phone forever.

The smaller OnePlus X ($250) will also go invite-free from Dec. 5 to Dec. 7 and during weekly open sales after that.

Those who order their phones by Dec. 7 can expect to get it for the holidays, the company says. But that might be a tall order given OnePlus's history of shipping delays.

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OnePlus was notorious for its invite-only purchase system, which made it almost impossible to get one of its highly sought-after handsets. To get an invite, you had to sign up on the company's website and wait, win some form of giveaway or contest on the company's social media outlets, or know someone who already bought a OnePlus device.

Even when you got an invite, it took forever to physically get your hands on the phone, as the company was plagued with multiple shipping delays in the past.

Now that the barrier of invitations has lifted on the OnePlus 2 sales, will the company be able to keep up with new orders? "We've grown our logistics and operations to be able to handle the open sales," a OnePlus representative told me.

It's possible that OnePlus may not receive that many orders for its current crop of phones, though, considering the mixed reviews it got for the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X.

We found the 5.5-inch OnePlus 2 to be a somewhat disappointing follow-up to its impressive predecessor, but still a solid value thanks to its premium design, fingerprint sensor and zippy performance. But the phone's below-average battery life held it back from being a winner.

The smaller, sexier 5-inch OnePlus X is a joy to behold, with its sleek metal-and-glass body for just $250. But its lackluster cameras and short battery life left us feeling underwhelmed.

Still, OnePlus has a large fanbase that's eager to get its hands on the flagships and will likely appreciate the end of invites. OnePlus celebrates its second anniversary on Dec. 17.

Cherlynn Low

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