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Latest OnePlus 5 Leak Shows a Flagship Beauty

If there was any doubt OnePlus 5 is one of the most anticipated Android smartphones that hasn't been released so far this year, look no further than the latest in a string of leaks surrounding the device.

Credit: Weibo

(Image credit: Weibo)

A leak on Weibo spotted by BGR shows what appears to be a press image of the possible OnePlus 5. While the images in the leak cannot be verified, they show a device that reflects many of the recent OnePlus 5 rumors.

The first image focuses on the front of the OnePlus 5. The black handset comes with a big screen, believed to be 5.5 inches, and a fingerprint sensor under the display. It's also worth noting that the smartphone in the render doesn't have curves on either side, so it's a traditional handset design and not shaped like the Galaxy S8.

Arguably the most important feature in the leaked images is the handset's backplate, which features a dual-lens camera arranged horizontally across the back.

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There has been some debate among rumor sites over the OnePlus 5's camera arrangement. Some reports have said that the lenses would be arranged vertically, while other reports have claim the lenses will be horizontal. Still others said OnePlus could ultimately offer a single rear-facing lens. The leaked image suggests OnePlus has gone with a horizontal layout, like you'd find in the iPhone 7 Plus.

For its part, OnePlus isn't commenting on its plans for the OnePlus 5. The company has confirmed the handset is coming and has said it will launch in the summer, but won't comment on any features. OnePlus executives have, however, hinted that the OnePlus 5 will come with a slew of high-end specs. In fact, leaks suggest that the OnePlus 5 will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and use the Adreno 540 GPU. It'll run on Android Nougat and could come with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

When the OnePlus 5 hits store shelves, the handset is expected to be unlocked. It'll also be considerably cheaper than most flagship phones, with a rumored cost of around $450 to $500. The OnePlus 3T, the current top phone from OnePlus, sells for $439.

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