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You Can Now Hail an Uber from Google Maps: Here's How

Google Maps users can now hail an Uber car and pay for it without having to open or even install the Uber mobile app.

Within the Google Maps app, you can tap on the ride-hailing icon, which lists the estimated time it will take to get to your destination. You'll see your ride options, such as UberX or Uber Pool, and an estimate of about how much it will cost you. 

Google is only "trying out" this Google Maps and Uber integration, however, wrote Google Senior Product Manager Sara McKinley Torti in an official Google blog post, so this capability won't be available for all Google Maps users just yet.

Those who don't see the option to hail an Uber ride straight from Google Maps will nevertheless see a new look to the app. When you click on your ride-hailing option, you'll see a list of Uber options and pricing. Tap on one, and your Uber app will open (if you have it installed), and you'll book your ride from there.