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Google Maps Tracking Gets Even Creepier with Battery Life Meter

Google Maps has just become far more interesting — and creepy.

Credit: Shutterstock

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

The Italian blog Mobile World has discovered an update to Google Maps that lets you see how much battery life someone you're tracking through the service has left. So, when you're in Google Maps and you want to see where the person is, you'll see another indicator that says they have a certain percentage of battery life left on their phones before it dies.

There's nothing you can do with the feature and most times, it's something you might see and think nothing of. But as BGR, which earlier reported on the feature, points out, it might also be an extremely useful function.

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In most cases, trackers like the one in Google Maps are used to track people that are important to you. If you want to know where your kids are or whether they've gotten home from school, you can boot up the app and see their exact location on a map. It's really handy. But the battery life indicator gives you even more actionable information. 

Credit: Mobile World

(Image credit: Mobile World)

Let's say, for instance, that your son or daughter's battery life is running low. You can call them or text them and advise that they plug in their phone to up their battery life.

Still, like anything else in the tech world, there are some privacy implications. And some people might not like the idea of people knowing how much battery life they have left. After all, who hasn't said that their phone has died when not wanting to talk to someone?

Google Maps' new feature is being rolled out globally to users now.

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  • glennquagmire911
    What if you are tracking your own stolen phone? It would be nice to know how much battery life is left or whether it is parked and charging somewhere. You are being too paranoid. The number of good reasons far outway the bad reasons. If we are going to be able to track it all, more information is better. I would want to be able to retrieve the same information from the phones of my children and elderly parents as the NSA is capable of.
  • ClowReed
    I agree with GLENNQUAGMIRE911**

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