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This amazingly fast EV blows away Tesla Model S — here’s how

Daymak Spiritus EV — front
(Image credit: Daymak)

1.8 seconds is really not a long time — in fact just reading this sentence will take longer. And by the time you've done so, the Daymak Spiritus Ultimate will already have reached 60 mph.

That makes this three-wheeled electric car faster than the Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan Turbo S and Bugatti Chiron, all of which take a leisurely 2.4 seconds to hit that speed. At $149,000, it won't come cheap, but fortunately there is a slightly less exotic version available at the far lower price of $19,995. 

The Spiritus is a three-wheeled, two-seat, all-electric coupe that Daymak says "rides like a go-kart." It's available in two models, and though performance (and price) differs extensively between them, both are pretty nippy.

The Spiritus Ultimate is the really special one — in fact, it will apparently be "the fastest three-wheeled car in the world." In addition to that incredible acceleration, it'll have a range of 298 miles, thanks to the combination of an 80 kWh battery and a lightweight 350-pound body.

Power comes from a 147 kW motor, which together with that light weight helps the Ultimate hit a top speed of at least 130 mph. It also has solar panels, which can be used to top up non-mechanical systems, and a raft of tech features including autonomous driving.

Daymak Spiritus Ultimate EV — rear

(Image credit: Daymak)

The Spiritus Deluxe, meanwhile, has to make do with a 36 kWh battery, but can still travel for 180 miles on a single charge. Performance here is a little more sedate — it will take 6.9 seconds to reach 60 mph and will only have a top speed of around 85 mph. 

Both vehicles will be fully road legal when they arrive, but that might not be for a while yet: the company is currently crowdfunding their production, with an expected release date of 2023. 

If you're interested, you can reserve one for as little as $100 for the Deluxe model, or $50,000 for the Ultimate. 

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