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iPhone 12’s leaked benchmarks destroy Samsung Galaxy S20 and every Android phone

iPhone 12 prototype render
(Image credit: Phone Industry)

The iPhone 12 will be a speed monster so extremely powerful that it will destroy every single phone released in 2020, including the the current king of Android hill — the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

At least that's according to the benchmarks unearthed on Weibo by the Chinese tech publication ITHome, as originally reported by GizChina.

The posted results puts the iPhone 12 on par with the latest iPad Pro, which even scorched most PC laptops in terms of raw processing power. Take a look below.

According to this alleged Geekbench 5 score card, the rumored A14 Bionic processor in the iPhone 12 will run at about 3.1GHz. According to past rumors, the new CPU will be manufactured by chip foundry TSMC using a 5-nanometer process, putting it right on the edge of the current physics barrier for electronics.

iPhone 12 benchmarks

(Image credit: ITHome)

1,658 on single-core and 4,612 in multi-core are truly mind-blowing numbers for a device of this size. Compare that to the the benchmarks of the current King of the Android Hill, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The fastest Android phone on Earth at this point can only obtain 805 on single-core and 3,076.7 on multi-core. That already put it under the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s A13 bionic chip (which has 1334 on single-core and 3517 on multi-core), but the A14 obliterates the Snapdragon 865 in the S20 Ultra by a very wide margin.

On single-core, the difference is more than double, with a 853-point difference. On multi-core the margin is not so wide but it’s impressive still: 1,536 points. It just seems impossible that Qualcomm — or anyone else, really — will ever catch up to  Apple’s CPU lead when it comes to mobile devices.

While abstract benchmarks are not entirely representative of actual device performance — as there are other factors to take into account, like RAM, storage speed, and the software itself — the difference in raw power is just too big to ignore. Like the iPad Pro, the next-generation iPhone 12 will be able to handle extremely resource-intensive apps that the current crop of Android phones will have a hard time coping with.

  • BigPoppaCBONE
    And yet, the games I play and the apps I use will be just as fast and look exactly the same as on n and n-1, despite Apple breaking the laws of space and time with the n+1 processor in canned benchmarks.
  • Taino211
    admin said:
    The iPhone 12 will be a speed monster so extremely powerful that it will destroy the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

    iPhone 12’s leaked benchmarks destroy Samsung Galaxy S20 and every Android phone : Read more

    This article is stupid. Is this website slowly becoming a BGR? Destroy a Galaxy S20 or Android phone in what? In useless benchmarks that measure how many polygons per second the processor can handle?

    Explain to me why a normal person would care about that. A normal person cares about how easy the phone is to use and the features it has. And a Galaxy S20 (or any Android phone) runs laps around an iPhone in terms of features and what it can actually DO.

    I don't care if an iPhone is better at calculus or complex processing than my Android phone. Once you look at a 90 Hz or 120 Hz screen refresh rate, you won't be able to go back to an iPhone and it's garbage display.

    You can keep your polygons per second. Because Android "destroys" the iPhone's in categories that actually matter.
  • pcampbell804
    More poweeeer! All the better to multitask with! Oh, wait...

    Geekbench scores are not cross platform comparable, despite what Primate Labs says.
    This is the same thing they said about the A11 Bionic "crushing all Androids".

    And then HTC destroyed the iPhone X in actual speed tests.

    Matter of fact, I own the iPhone 11 and XS, and not only does the iPhone 11 struggle to keep up with the 2018 HTC, but the U12 also has a higher resolution screen, better speakers, better headphone audio, and (gasp!) and more detailed camera. Oh yeah, and it does split screen multitasking 😉
  • xMattPerkins
    Here’s the issue we face nowadays. You have these people with these cheap smartphones trying to downplay features one phone has (better benchmarks, more security, better privacy, etc) that theirs doesn’t while trying to Frankenstein all the different features from all the different phones that have the same OS as theirs has and trying to compare this super phone that doesn’t exist to a phone they wish they could afford. If you can’t find an individual phone that has all these features that wins against the other phone, it means the other phone is so much better you need to combine multiple phones just to compete.