New iPad Pro Benchmarked: This Blows Away Windows PCs

Update: iPadOS 16 beta just fixed biggest complaint — Stage Manager is coming to older iPad Pros.

When Apple introduced the new iPad Pro, the company boasted that its slim slate is more powerful than 92 percent of PCs out there. Now that we've benchmarked the 12.9-inch iPad Pro for our review over at Laptop Mag, it looks like that claim could very well be legit.

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The 7-nanometer A12X Bionic chip processor inside the iPad Pro packs four performance cores and four high-efficiency cores, and there's a new GPU that promises twice the graphics performance as the A10X processor inside the last iPad Pro.

And the benchmark results are quite impressive.

Geekbench 4

On Geekbench 4, which measures overall performance, the iPad Pro notched a score of 17,995. That blows past the Surface Pro 6 with a Core i5 CPU and even the Core i7 version of the Dell XPS 13.

Samsung's Qualcomm Snapdragon 850-powered Galaxy Book 2 (3,945) doesn't even come close to Intel-based PCs, nevermind the iPad Pro. The 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Core i7 chip was just slightly below the iPad Pro at 17,348.

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Video Editing (Adobe Rush)

To test the A12X Bionic's real-world power, we turned to Adobe Rush, a video editing app. We took a 12-minute 4K video and transcoded it to 1080p at 24 frames per second. And once again the iPad Pro blew away the field.

Apple's tablet took just 7 minutes and 47 seconds to complete our task. It took the 13-inch MacBook Pro 25 minutes and 53 seconds, and the Dell XPS 13 (31:03) and Surface Pro 6 (31:54) both took over half an hour.

Photo Processing (Adobe Lightroom)

We then turned to Adobe Lightroom to see how long it would take to export 50 RAW images to the JPEG format, and the iPad Pro once again outperformed the competition--though not by as large a margin.

The iPad Pro took 59 seconds to complete the batch export, while the Surface Pro 6 (1:35) and 13-inch MacBook Pro (1:36) were about 30 seconds behind. Strangely, the Core i7 XPS 13 took 2:01 on this test.

Battery Life

If you're wondering how efficient the A12X Bionic processor is, you'll probably be glad to know that the new iPad Pro offers pretty great battery life. On the Laptop Mag Battery Test, which involves web surfing at 150 nits of screen brightness, Apple's tablet lasted for 13 hours and 41 minutes.

The Surface Pro 6 lasted about 4 hours less at 9:20 and the Dell XPS 13 with Core i7 and 4K display mustered 8:53. The Qualcomm-powered Galaxy Book 2 came closest to the iPad with 10:41.

Bottom Line

The new iPad Pro's sheer speed is undeniable. In fact, if I were Apple, I would be finding ways to bring this chip over to the Mac. But keep in mind that performance is just one consideration when deciding between the iPad Pro and a more traditional PC.

If you prefer a desktop interface, the Surface Pro 6 is the better choice, and it also offers a better keyboard with touchpad and built-in kickstand. But if you can see yourself working within iOS, the iPad Pro should make quick work of whatever you need to do.

Mark Spoonauer

Mark Spoonauer is the global editor in chief of Tom's Guide and has covered technology for over 20 years. In addition to overseeing the direction of Tom's Guide, Mark specializes in covering all things mobile, having reviewed dozens of smartphones and other gadgets. He has spoken at key industry events and appears regularly on TV to discuss the latest trends, including Cheddar, Fox Business and other outlets. Mark was previously editor in chief of Laptop Mag, and his work has appeared in Wired, Popular Science and Inc. Follow him on Twitter at @mspoonauer.

  • kanapkakuby
    Why did you write in the title that ipad pro blows pc windows when you compare it with laptops? pc and laptop are not the same
  • mfaisalkemal
    why nothing graphic benchmarks test like 3dmark and gfxbench?
  • humzaejazali
    Ipad is faster than i7, yeah i don't believe that for a second.
  • webworkings
    Actually, PCs and Laptops are the same thing, because a PC is a "Personal Computer". So both desktops and laptops are "PCs". I am going to guess you were referring to desktops.
  • mls14cim
    humzae: I suggest you buy both machines and run the benchmarks yourself then. I guess Tom's Guide is not a reliable source of benchmarks anymore?
  • Mark Spoonauer
    21460323 said:
    Why did you write in the title that ipad pro blows pc windows when you compare it with laptops? pc and laptop are not the same

    Hi @kanapkakuby. Actually we consider laptops and pcs the same thing.

  • Mark Spoonauer
    21460424 said:
    why nothing graphic benchmarks test like 3dmark and gfxbench?
    Hi @mfaisalkemal. We are looking into graphics benchmarks that are cross-platform, such as 3DMark. Up until now we've been using Firestrike on PCs and 3DMark Slingshot on mobile devices but will look to get something that's comparalbe up soon. Thanks for the comment.

  • eklipz330
    Sooo why the hell didn't they put this in the macbook air???? Something tells me there's more to this story.
  • jeremyegrc
    Adobe RUSH on iPad takes the project file from the Adobe Cloud and transcodes to 1080P on the device from the start.. so you're actually just going from 1080P to 1080P on the iPad and 4K to 1080P on PC.
  • teknobug
    Yeah sure, I'll pick a restricted tablet over a laptop that can do just about anything.

    This is a pretty much a paid article, the title gives it away. First the RTX 2080Ti "don't think, just buy it" and now this.