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Hurry! Our favorite Mohu antennas are secretly on sale at Amazon

Mohu Leaf Metro
(Image credit: Amazon)

Free TV for life may sound like a pipe dream, but cord cutters know that a good HDTV antenna can pull in more channels than a basic cable plan. If you've been meaning to ditch cable once and for all, Amazon is secretly offering a bunch of Mohu antenna deals.  

If you're not familiar with Mohu, the company makes some of the best TV antennas on the market. They're easy to install, affordable, and they pull in a multitude of free channels. Some of the best Mohu antenna deals at Amazon include:  

Mohu Leaf Metro 25-Mile Antenna: was $19 now $17 @ Amazon
The Mohu Leaf Metro is the best TV antenna you'll find under $40. It's easy to install and it does a solid job pulling in free programming. And because it's made of recycled packaging and crushed cable boxes, it's the most eco-friendly option. 

Mohu Leaf 30 Antenna: was $39 now $22 @ Amazon
Despite its name, the Mohu Leaf 30 can actually receive over-the-air programming from broadcast towers that are up to 40 miles away from your home. It's $17 off and just a $1 shy of its all-time price low. 

Mohu Blade 50-Mile Antenna: was $39 now $28 @ Amazon
The Mohu Blade sports a slim, bar-like design and can be used indoors or outdoors. It can receive signals from broadcast towers that are up to 50 miles away. 

Mohu Leaf 50 Antenna: was $59 now $41 @ Amazon
The Mohu Leaf 50 is a great pick if you live in a rural area. It can communicate with broadcast towers that are up to 60 miles away. It's currently at its lowest price ever. 

Mohu Curve 50 Antenna: was $59 now $42 @ Amazon
If you're after a stylish TV antenna, the Mohu Curve 50 is for you. It has an arced design and built-in stand that let you place it on a nearby shelf. It's just $2 shy of its all-time price low. 

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