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How to set up your Apple Watch

So, you've gotten your fancy new Apple Watch. Chances are you've already torn it out of its elegant packaging and admired its sleek design, but you won't get to answer texts or talk to Siri on your wrist until you set the device up properly. Fortunately, we've got you covered. Here's how to get your Apple Watch up and running in a few easy steps.

1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone

2. Select Start Pairing.

3. Pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone.

Hold the watch up to your phone's camera, so that it can see the pattern on the watch. Alternatively, you can select "Pair Apple Watch Manually" and tap the watch's name in the Apple Watch app; you'll then be prompted to enter a 6-digit code that appears on the watch.

4. On the Apple Watch app, select "Set Up as New Apple Watch."

5. Choose your wrist preference — left or right.

 You'll also be asked to pick which side you want the digital crown to be on.

6. On the Terms and Conditions page, select Agree.

7. Enter your Apple ID.

8. When prompted about Location Services, Siri and Diagnostics, select OK.

9. Create a 4-digit passcode for your watch.

10. Choose whether or not you want to unlock the Apple Watch with your iPhone.

Select Yes or No on your watch's display.

11. Set up Apple Pay and Emergency SOS (optional)

 Apple Pay lets you use your watch to make mobile payments while Emergency SOS is a new feature in watchOS 3 that lets you call emergency services and send an alert to specified contacts. You can bypass this step and set up these services later.

12. Install apps on your Apple Watch.

When prompted, select Install All to start downloading available Apple Watch versions of the apps already on you iPhone immediately, or Choose Later to pick your own.

Your Apple Watch will now start syncing with your iPhone. Once you're notified that syncing is complete, you're good to go.

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Michael Andronico

Mike Andronico is Senior Writer at CNNUnderscored and was formerly Managing Editor at Tom's Guide. When not at work, you can usually catch him playing Street Fighter, devouring Twitch streams and trying to convince people that Hawkeye is the best Avenger.