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Best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases

best iphone 12 pro max cases
(Image credit: Catalyst)

The iPhone 13 Pro Max may be the new kid on the block, but if you've got an iPhone 12 Pro Max, you'll want to get one of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases for your smartphone. And these cases are very different, even if the Pro Max models are the same size. The camera array is larger on Apple's newer phone, so you'll definitely want to concentrate on iPhone 12 Pro Max cases if you have that particular model.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max does have some protective features built in, of course. The Ceramic Shield display promises better drop protection, for example, while Apple's increased the water-resistance rating from 4 to 6 meters. But you'll still want to make sure to keep the iPhone 12 Pro Max safe and sound.

All the top picks in our guide to the best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases deliver a great mix of protection and additional features, and they look good too. To help you find the right one, we've split them into handy sections: MagSafe-compatible iPhone 12 Pro Max cases, battery options, rugged cases and so on. 

You can either jump straight to the type of phone case you want, or browse the guide in one go. Here's our selection of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases we’ve spotted so far.

MagSafe-compatible iPhone 12 Pro Max cases

Apple's magnetic functionality, MagSafe, enables fast wireless charging, and the quick and easy attachment of multiple accessories. While many iPhone 12 Pro Max cases are thin enough to make the most of MagSafe charging, few third-party options offer the internal support for accessories - but there are some that do. Here are the best MagSafe-compatible iPhone 12 Pro Max cases around.

Apple silicone iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Apple)

1. Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

A scratch-resistant classic with full MagSafe compatibility

Reasons to buy
+Wide range of colors+Flexible and excellent fit
Reasons to avoid
-Could be more protective

Apple's own iPhone 12 Pro Max cases offer ultimate MagSafe-compatibility for all the latest accessories and chargers. And while third-party MagSafe-compatible cases are still fairly rare, that monopoly isn't the only reason we like the company's silicone case. With a slimline, lightweight design, some light shock absorption built in and a glove-like fit, there's plenty to love - plus it comes in lots of different colors too. 

Apple MagSafe iPhone 12 Pro Max case clear

(Image credit: Apple)

2. Apple Clear Case with MagSafe

Protect your device while showing it off

Reasons to buy
+Built for MagSafe+Clear, scratch-resistant plastic
Reasons to avoid
-Visible MagSafe circle

Apple put a lot of effort into making the iPhone 12 Pro Max look good. Why cover it up with a case, when you can opt for a transparent material that lets your phone’s inner beauty shine through? Apple's clear case has anti-yellowing properties to help it stay see-through, and comes with drop protection and a scratch-resistant coating. It also takes full advantage of MagSafe, even if that does mean the integrated magnet is visible on the back.

Spigen Mag Armor iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Spigen)

3. Spigen Mag Armor

Cheaper MagSafe compatibility with excellent shock absorption

Reasons to buy
+Cheaper than Apple's official line+Air cushioned shock absorption
Reasons to avoid
-No microfibre lining

The Spigen Mag Armor case costs a lot less than Apple's options, but still offers full MagSafe compatibility. It comes with air-cushioned corners for additional shock proofing, and a slimline profile textured for extra grip. In fact, this case only adds an additional 0.12 inches to your phone. The plastic may not feel as polished as Apple's silicone option, especially with no microfibre lining inside, but it's excellent value nonetheless. 

Otterbox Aneu iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Otterbox)

4. Otterbox Aneu with MagSafe

Top protection with a slim form factor and plenty of colors

Reasons to buy
+Rubberized sides for extra grip+Colorful designs
Reasons to avoid
-Pricier than other third party options

The Otterbox Aneu offers all the durability and protection you'd expect from this brand, while also striking a balance with a slimline form factor. It comes in four different colors and packs full MagSafe compatibility, with plenty of protection thanks to a hard polycarbonate plastic around the back and grippy rubberized sides, though you lose some of the drop protection offered by more rugged Otterbox cases. 

Totalle ultra thin iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Totallee)

5. Totallee Thin iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

So thin your phone will practically be caseless

Reasons to buy
+Super thin and lightweight+Rubber finish for extra grip
Reasons to avoid
-No drop protection 

If you can't stand the bulk of a more rugged sleeve, the miniscule 0.2-inches of added depth from the Totallee Thin is going to be a major draw. This super-slimline shell is made for the case haters among us, rather than those looking for reliable protection. You don't get any shockproofing, but the rubberized grip will protect against scuffs and there's a raised lip around the camera. What's more, because it's so thin, you'll still be able to use MagSafe features.

Otterbox Symmetry iPhone 12 Pro Max magsafe case

(Image credit: Otterbox)

6. Otterbox Symmetry Series+ with MagSafe

Heavy duty protection that doesn't compromise MagSafe

Reasons to buy
+Impressive drop protection+Antimicrobial
Reasons to avoid
-More expensive than Apple

It's pricey, but the Otterbox Symmetry+ Series offers an all-in-one package that marries durability with full MagSafe compatibility. Otterbox claims this case can withstand three times as many drops as the military standard, while also offering a slimline profile that won't bulk out your pocket. The sleek exterior offers a minimalist design and it's coated with antimicrobial protection along the back as well. It only comes in black or pink though.

iPhone 12 Pro Max designer cases

Whether you're looking for a unique print or you're keen to get a big name on the back of your phone, there are plenty of designer iPhone 12 Pro Max cases to choose between. We've picked out some of the best options here, all of which still manage to pack some protection for your device. 

Richmond and Finch iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Richmond and Finch)

1. Richmond and Finch iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Comes in a huge variety of patterned prints and classy block colors

Reasons to buy
+Massive range of styles available+Bumpers for fall protection
Reasons to avoid
-Not as durable

With the staple Richmond and Finch metal accent running along the bottom of the design, this collection of iPhone 12 Pro Max cases offers a wide range of designs and colors to keep things classy and expressive. From repeated patterns like the unique Leopard model to more understated marbelized and single color designs there's plenty to browse here. You're getting some protection through bumpers running along the sides as well. 

Kate Spade iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Kate Spade)

2. Kate Spade Jeweled Daisy Dot

Bright and breezy with a glittery resin aesthetic

Reasons to buy
+Bold and bright+Resin design
Reasons to avoid
-Little protection

The Jeweled Daisy Dot case for iPhone 12 Pro Max from popular brand Kate Spade offers a floating resin design adorned with sparkling daisy prints and a striped background. It's a light and breezy design that will liven up any iPhone color (though we think it looks best on the white model). It doesn't look like there's much fall protection baked in here, though, so if you're worried about keeping your phone safe you'll be better off with a rugged design. 

Ted Baker iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Ted Baker)

3. Ted Baker Anti-Shock Jasmine

A gorgeous floral design with protection that's tough as weeds

Reasons to buy
+Airwall design with TPU bumpers+MagSafe compatible
Reasons to avoid
-Semi-clear back may not be for everyone

Unlike many designer iPhone 12 Pro Max cases, this Ted Baker Anti-Shock case doesn't sacrifice protection in the name of looking good. It offers airwall TPU bumpers around the case, with an impact-resistant design plus grips to avoid accidental drops. Combined with a floral semi-clear design, you're getting both a gorgeous aesthetic and peace of mind here. Not only that, but the slim case also manages to retain MagSafe and Qi charging compatibility as well.

LuMee Halo iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Paris Hilton)

4. LuMee Halo by Paris Hilton

A selfie pro's dream with a dimmable ring light

Reasons to buy
+Ring light with dimmer function+30 minute battery
Reasons to avoid

Paris Hilton's take on Case-Mate's LuMee Halo iPhone 12 Pro Max case brings a unique holographic design to the party. This is one for the selfie pros, offering a dimmable ring light on the back of the case, and two side lights running along the bumpers for the front-facing camera. The lights are powered through a rechargeable battery with a fairly respectable 30 minutes of juice. If you're not a fan of the holographic design, you'll find a range of colors and styles up for grabs as well. 

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases: Danzel Cute Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

(Image credit: Danzel)

5. Danzel Cute Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

A Disney design for your iPhone 12 Pro Max case

Reasons to buy
+Unique design+Includes a wrist strap kickstand
Reasons to avoid
-Not for everyone's taste

If you live and breathe Disney — or know someone who does — Danzel's Cute Case could be just the trick for dressing up an iPhone 12 Pro Max with some Magic Kingdom pixie dust. This particular version of the case is an homage to Minnie Mouse (though Daisy Duck and Mickey Mouse get their own editions). There's more to the Disney nod with this iPhone 12 Pro Max case — A soft TPU shell adds drop protection and a wrist strap doubles as a kickstand.

Swarovski Glam Rock iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Swarovski)

6. Swarovski Glam Rock

Big, bright, and bold with additional bumper protection

Reasons to buy
+Dazzling jeweled design+Bumper protection
Reasons to avoid
-Not MagSafe compatible

Swarovski's Glam Rock iPhone 12 Pro Max case certainly makes a statement. Glittering with colored jewels and available in black, blue, green, and red, the back of the case is a dazzling display of crystals, but the sides still offer TPU bumpers for drop protection as well. It doesn't come with MagSafe charging, but standard Qi wireless chargers will break through that jewel layer.

iPhone 12 Pro Max battery cases

You'll quickly notice your battery depleting if you're streaming, taking high-quality videos or playing intensive games all day. Thankfully, there's a wide range of iPhone 12 Pro Max battery cases that will juice up your device while you're on the go. We've rounded up our top picks of these lifesavers here.

ZeroLemon iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: ZeroLemon)

1. Zerolemon 10,000 mAh Battery Case

The biggest battery around with some serious bulk

Reasons to buy
+Massive amount of power+Full edge and drop protection
Reasons to avoid
-Bulky form factor

Packing a massive 10,000mAh battery, the Zerolemon battery case for iPhone 12 Pro Max carries enough juice to add 180% battery life to your iPhone 12 Pro Max, according to the brand. The rugged exterior will add some considerable bulk to your device. Still, there's plenty of protection baked into this industrial sized case, so if you need all-day battery and reliable durability, it's a great choice - just don't expect it to fit into your pocket easily.

Alpatronix BX12 iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Alpatronix)

2. Alpatronix BX12 Battery Case

Charges your phone and case at the same time

Reasons to buy
+Charge phone and case together+Screen protector included
Reasons to avoid
-No drop protection

It's rare to find battery cases that offer both wireless charging and the ability to juice up the case and phone at the same time, but for under $50 the Alpatronix BX12 does just that. A 6,000mAh battery just beats the everyday 5,000mAh average, and with a flexible form factor, installation is quick and easy. While there's no mention of shock absorption for drop protection, it does come with raised bezels and a bumper around the edges. 

Newdery iPhone 12 Pro Max battery case

(Image credit: Newdery)

3. Newdery Battery Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

A smaller battery but excellent compatibility

Reasons to buy
+Car Play compatible+Wireless charging
Reasons to avoid
-Less power than others

The Newdery battery case comes with a smaller 4800mAh battery, but it offers plenty of flexibility in how you charge compared to other cheaper options. This model is fully compatible with wireless Qi chargers, and allows for simultaneous charging of the phone itself as well. Not only that, you can still get access to Car Play features with this case on, which is a rarity at this price point. 

IHJ iPhone 12 Pro Max battery case

(Image credit: IHJ)

4. IHJ Battery Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

On the go battery charging without the bulk

Reasons to buy
+Super slim design+Scuff and scratch protection
Reasons to avoid
-No wireless charging

IHJ's iPhone 12 Pro Max case solves a problem at the heart of nearly every battery case: bulk. This slimline case still manages to pack a 5,000mAh battery, but does so without jutting out to the back of the device. The result is a smooth curve that simply rounds out at the top of your phone. It does sacrifice some fancier features such as wireless charging and Car Play, but you still get access to that lightning port.

Zerolemon iPhone 12 Pro Max battery case

(Image credit: Zerolemon)

5. Zerolemon 5,000mAh Battery Case

Balance power and portability without breaking the bank

Reasons to buy
+Wireless charging compatible+Shock absorbing
Reasons to avoid
-Still features battery bulk

The smaller Zerolemon 5,000mAh battery case still offers plenty of power, but it's slimmer than its industrial-grade 10,000mAh sibling further up the page - though there's still some bulk. It comes with wireless charging features, Car Play and air cushioned corners for extra shock absorption. Plus, it takes just 2.5 hours to fully charge your phone from the case, which is much faster than cheaper models.

iPhone 12 Pro Max clear cases

While the iPhone 12 Pro Max doesn't quite boast the dazzling color array of the standard model, these are still some good looking devices, and there are plenty of quality clear cases that will let its beauty shine through. With anti-yellowing materials and excellent shock absorption, here's our pick of the best clear iPhone 12 Pro Max cases.

Speck Presidio iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Speck Presidio)

1. Speck Presidio Edition for iPhone 12 Pro Max

A clear case with plenty of room for personality

Reasons to buy
+Range of designs available +13ft drop protection
Reasons to avoid
-Adds a little extra bulk

Clear cases don’t need to lack personality. Speck’s Presidio Edition case features embedded art prints that are designed to resist fading and scratching. (Speck is so confident in its anti-yellowing materials, it promises to replace your case for free if it doesn’t stay clear.) There's drop protection up to 13 feet, along with antimicrobial protection as well. And because the Presidio Edition is so thin, you can still use wireless charging to top up your device’s battery.

Speck Gemshell clear iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Speck)

2. Speck Gemshell Grip

Slimline, clear, and protective without compromising grip

Reasons to buy
+Textured surface avoids drops+Dual layer buffers
Reasons to avoid
-Fewer color options

Clear cases sometimes suffer from not having the textured surface of a matte option. The Gemshell Grip from Speck, though, gives you all the benefits of a clear case while also providing a tactile, textured surface for extra grip. Plus, dual-layer buffers provide drop protection at up to eight feet, and the case is designed with raised bezels to protect your iPhone 12 Pro Max screen too.

Elando Crystal Clear iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

(Image credit: Elando)

3. Elando Crystal Clear

An anti-yellowing, super clear case with a shined finish

Reasons to buy
+Military grade shockproofing+Anti-yellowing design
Reasons to avoid
-No raised screen buffers

Elando's iPhone 12 Pro Max case offers an incredibly clear and surprisingly strong caddy to keep your phone protected and shining bright. Elando claims that its TPU, PC and PMMA plastics are coated with a diamond anti-oxidant layer to keep your case from yellowing over time, and to help it avoid scratches and oil build-ups as well. Each corner also features military grade shockproof protection, which is excellent at this price point. 

Spigen Liquid Crystal iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Spigen)

4. Spigen Liquid Crystal

A budget clear case with some protection built in

Reasons to buy
+Prevent scratches and scuffs+Great price
Reasons to avoid
-Little drop protection

Spigen's Liquid Crystal clear case certainly isn't one for clumsier iPhone owners. However, if you're looking for a budget clear case with basic scratch and scuff protection, you can't go wrong here. The flexible TPU material means locking your phone in is quick and easy, and there's extra strength in the buttons to keep things snappy. Plus, there are raised bumper edges to protect your screen as well.

Mous Clarity iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Mous)

5. Mous Clarity for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Excellent shock absorption in a simple anti-yellowing case

Reasons to buy
+AiroShock impact protection+Anti-yellowing
Reasons to avoid

Mous has baked its own AiroShock shock absorption technology into this unassuming clear case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which offers excellent drop protection. The back also has a scratch-resistant coating and anti-yellowing protection to keep the view from clouding up over time, and the case is fully MagSafe-compatible too. However, all those features come with a higher price tag.

Casetify iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Casetify)

6. Casetify Custom iPhone 12 Pro Max case

Create your perfect phone case with a range of design options

Reasons to buy
+Excellent customization+Lightweight
Reasons to avoid
-Basic protection

Casetify's iPhone 12 Pro Max cases are slimline and offer a basic level of 360-degree protection, plus full compatibility with MagSafe charging and accessories. The stand-out feature here, though, is you can add your own text, choosing from a range of styles, colors and shadows to create a unique design. The brand invests in eco-friendly materials and manufacturing standards too, so you also get peace of mind on that front.

iPhone 12 Pro Max leather cases

For a more refined look, opt for a leather or faux leather iPhone 12 Pro Max case. While the quality of the materials used will scale with the price, you can still find some excellent PU options at the cheaper end of the price scale and some gorgeous soft-touch cases further up the range as well. We've rounded up the best options here.

Apple Leather iphone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Apple)

1. Apple Leather Case with MagSafe

Soft touch leather with excellent MagSafe compatibility

Reasons to buy
+Official Apple design+Soft touch finished leather
Reasons to avoid
-Small screen lip bumper

Apple has made its own leather iPhone 12 Pro Max case from soft-touch tanned and finished leather, and as one might expect, the device fits into the case like a glove. Some of the third-party leather cases below place more focus on protection, with extra buffers and a larger lip between the case and the screen in case of drops. However, Apple's device has been tailormade for MagSafe accessories and comes in plenty of color choices. 

Apple Leather Sleeve iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Apple)

2. Apple Leather Sleeve with MagSafe

Everyday protection for those that hate shell cases

Reasons to buy
+Soft touch European leather+Card pockets built in
Reasons to avoid

If you don't want the bulk of a phone case in your hand, the Apple Leather sleeve for iPhone 12 Pro Max allows a degree of protection when you're out and about, while still letting you feel the lightweight design of your device while it's in use. The protection here could be greater, but it isn't bad, and you get a snug fit with additional space for a couple of credit cards or ID cards, as well as full MagSafe compatibility.

Cyrill Leather Brick iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Cyrill)

3. Cyrill Leather Brick

Air cushioned bumpers on a budget and animal friendly leather case

Reasons to buy
+Vegan friendly+Air cushioned bumpers
Reasons to avoid
-Faux leather

Whether the faux leather material is a benefit or drawback for you, the Cyrill Leather Brick case offers a good level of protection in an eye-catching design, with a soft microfibre lining to boot. That's excellent value for $20 / £20, with both a hard PC plastic back and an air-cushioned TPU bumper keeping your device safe. Those looking for a more premium finish may want to look a little higher up the price scale, however.

Mujjo leather iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Mujjo)

4. Mujjo Leather Wallet Case

Rich leather with additional wireless charging and wallet features

Reasons to buy
+Oiled naturally aging leather+Wireless charging compatible
Reasons to avoid
-Card compartment is visible

Made with naturally aging organic leather and lined with a microfibre casing inside, there are some premium materials throughout this iPhone 12 Pro Max case. The leather here is oiled for richer colors and durability as well. With a compartment capable of holding up to three cards along the back of the phone, this is a great all-in-one solution, with wireless charging compatibility and some basic drop protection.

Otterbox Strada iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Otterbox)

5. Otterbox Strada Series Case

A durable folio style case with premium leather

Reasons to buy
+Excellent drop protection+Soft touch leather
Reasons to avoid
-MagSafe accessories not compatible

The Otterbox Strada very nearly offers it all. This case isn't compatible with MagSafe accessories (though wireless charging is still available), but you're getting military grade shock protection, a folio style case with space for a credit or ID card, and premium leather materials. That's an impressive all-in-one package, and we like the volume buttons on the side that give you access to all your controls even through the folio spine. 

Arae ultra thin leather iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Arae)

6. Arae Ultra Thin iPhone 12 Pro Max case

A super cheap leather shell with a slimline design

Reasons to buy
+Excellent price+Slimline design
Reasons to avoid
-Basic protection

If you're looking for a cheap shell for your iPhone 12 Pro Max but still want the premium feel of a leather case, the Arae Ultra Thin is an excellent budget buy. The slimline build means there's little additional bulk, and there's even a microfibre lining on the inside of the PU leather exterior. Protection is lower - it only helps avoids everyday scuffs and scratches - but the thinner profile makes wireless charging possible. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max card holder cases

If you don't want to bulk out your pockets by carrying both a phone and wallet, you'll find plenty of iPhone 12 Pro Max cases that allow you to keep all your necessary cards to hand while also offering excellent protection for your device as well. Whether you're after a folio design or a simple hidden compartment, you'll find a range of the best designs here.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases: Casebus Magnetic Folio Wallet

(Image credit: Casebus)

1. Casebus Magnetic Folio Wallet for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max wallet case

Reasons to buy
+Empty ListGorgeous design+Slots for cash and cards+
Reasons to avoid
-Other wallet cases cost less

Talk about a case that combines form and functionality. The Casebus Magnetic Folio Wallet is a premium leather case that not only holds your iPhone 12 Pro Max, but also three credit cards and a pocket for cash. A magnetic clasp keeps the case snapped shut.

You're not sacrificing protection either, as full-body inner case made out of thermoplastic polyurethane offers a cushion against unexpected drops. Choose between five colors so that your Casebus Magnetic Folio Wallet reflects your style.

Incipio Stasback iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Incipio)

2. Incipio Stashback

Secure hidden storage with excellent drop protection

Reasons to buy
+Holds up to three cards +14 ft drop protection
Reasons to avoid
-No wireless charging

There’s more to the Incipio Stashback than meets the eye. On the surface, this looks like any other iPhone 12 Pro Max case, but there’s also a storage compartment that slides down that holds up to three credit cards. It's scratch-resistant, with up to 14 feet of drop protection. Be aware that the Incipio Stashback isn’t compatible with wireless charging or MagSafe connectivity, however.

Bellroy iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Bellroy)

3. Bellroy iPhone 12 Pro Max case

Secret storage and a built-in kickstand

Reasons to buy
+Wide range of colors+Microfiber lining
Reasons to avoid
-No wireless charging

The Bellroy iPhone 12 Pro Max case slots three cards neatly into a side compartment that also acts as a kickstand for long streaming sessions as well. That's perfect if you're looking to hold a few credit cards while avoiding the bulk of a folio-style case. This option is a little pricier than others, but it does offer environmentally friendly leather materials with a microfiber lining inside. 

Spigen Slim Armor CS iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Spigen)

4. Spigen Slim Armor CS

A protective, shock absorbing case with space for two cards

Reasons to buy
+Shock absorbing with hardy exterior+Slimline design
Reasons to avoid
-Less card space

While offering less wallet space than others in this section, the Spigen Armor CS is perfect for people who need to keep one or two cards to hand but also want to keep their phone highly protected. Shock absorbing TPU plastic is supported by air cushioned bumpers with a hardy polycarbonate exterior, making for excellent drop protection and keeping your phone scuff-free. All of this comes in a slimline metallic package, with a few colors to choose between.

Tucch iPhone 12 Pro Max wallet case

(Image credit: Tucch)

5. Tucch Wallet Case

A budget wallet case that handles all the basics

Reasons to buy
+Budget friendly+Plenty of space
Reasons to avoid
-No microfiber lining

The Tucch case offers a conventional wallet experience, with a folio design and PU leather materials. Despite the budget price tag, it comes with RFID blocking card compartments, wireless charging passthrough, and a shockproof TPU interior shell. With space for four cards and a longer cash pocket, there's plenty of room, and the whole thing can convert into a convenient stand as well. It should be noted that there's no microfiber lining inside here, though.

Arae Iphone 12 Pro Max wallet case

(Image credit: Arae)

6. Arae iPhone 12 Pro Wallet Case

A full wallet on the back of your phone

Reasons to buy
+Backwards folding design+TPU bumpers
Reasons to avoid
-No wireless charging

If you're looking for the full card slot design but don't want the hassle of a folio style case, the Arae may be able to meet you in the middle. The backwards folding style keeps up to four cards and some cash tucked away on the back of your phone, held with four magnetic clips. TPU bumpers around the edge of your phone also provide some drop protection. The design doesn't allow for wireless charging, however.

iPhone 12 Pro Max protective cases

Drops happen, but if you know you're going to be putting your iPhone in harm's way you might want to consider a more rugged case. Protective cases are built with ultimate protection in mind, so while you won't get much pocket room, you'll have plenty of peace of mind. We've rounded up our pick of the best protective iPhone 12 Pro Max cases here.

Otterbox Defender Series iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Otterbox)

1. OtterBox iPhone 12 Pro Max Defender Series

The best iPhone 12 Pro Max case for drop protection

Reasons to buy
+Serious drop protection+Port covers 
Reasons to avoid
-No MagSafe

The OtterBox Defender Series is one of the more expensive options in our best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases guide, but it also offers a serious level of protection. OtterBox built this case to withstand four times as many drops as the military standard, and the protection doesn't stop there. This case also features port covers to prevent dust and dirt from finding their way into the phone’s Lightning port.

UAG Civilian Series iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: UAG)

2. UAG Civilian Series

Two layers of impact protection in a slimline case

Reasons to buy
+Two layers of shock absorption +Honeycomb design to minimize bulk
Reasons to avoid
-No MagSafe

Urban Armor Gear says its Civilian Series cases are engineered for people who don’t want to worry about an iPhone falling out of their grip. The Civilian Series case combines an impact-resistant exoskeleton with shock-absorbing panels and hex cushioning to blunt the impact of any drop or fall. And while there’s a hard armor shell protecting your iPhone 12 Pro Max, the Civilian Series is still thin and light enough to work with wireless charging. 

Rokform rugged iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Rokform)

3. Rokform Rugged Phone Case

A sturdy, mount-friendly case for the adventurous type

Reasons to buy
+Compatible with magnetic mounts+Anti-slip grip
Reasons to avoid
-Fairly bulky

There are two sets of magnets buried in the Rokform Rugged iPhone 12 Pro Max case, as well as a twist-lock system on the outside, which means you can easily mount your device to a bike or car without worrying about it slipping away. That's perfect for more extreme uses, and with buffered corners and an anti-slip grip around the external back, you're sorted for everyday drops as well. Those heavy duty magnets do take up considerable space, though.

Catalyst Influence Series iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Catalyst)

4. Catalyst Influence Series for iPhone 12 Pro Max

15 feet of drop protection and a fingerprint free back

Reasons to buy
+Frosted back reduces fingerprints+15 feet of drop protection
Reasons to avoid
-Bulky bumpers

The Catalyst Influence Series has all the features you’d expect in a protective case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Catalyst claims up to 15 feet of drop protection with a slim design, and a micro-texture grip around the side to keep the phone from slipping out of your hand. But one of the standout features in this edition is a frosted back that keeps fingerprints from cluttering up your iPhone’s look.

Pelican Shield Series iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Pelican)

5. Case-Mate Pelican Shield Series for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Hardy kevlar protection from drops up to 21 feet

Reasons to buy
+3x stronger than military grade protection+Holster stand included
Reasons to avoid
-No wireless charging

Built using Dupont Kevlar fiber materials and a shock absorbing rubber bumper, Case-Mate's Pelican Shield Series is a sturdy piece of kit. It boasts a massive 21ft drop protection, and the case itself is constructed from material that Case-Mate claim to be eight times stronger than steel wiring. All of that comes in a fairly bulky package, which means there's no wireless charging here, but if you think you'll need top protection, it's worth considering.

Clcker iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Clcker)

6. Clckr Stand Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Stop the drop in the first place with a handy grip

Reasons to buy
+Grip built straight in +Wireless charging compatible
Reasons to avoid
-Less drop protection

Here’s another way to keep your iPhone 12 Pro Max from slipping out of your hand — get a case with a built-in grip. The Clckr Stand Case’s grip does more than just give you something to hold on to when you’re snapping a selfie, it also doubles as a kickstand as well. You’ll get drop protection for up to two meters if your iPhone does take a tumble, and there’s antimicrobial protection, too. For cheaper protection, it's worth considering. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max photography cases

Whether you’re a budding shutterbug or a regular artist behind the lens, iPhone photography keeps getting better and better – and so do the photography case options. We've picked the best options available for people who want to make the most of the iPhone 12 Pro Max's impressive camera system.

Moment iPhone 12 Pro Max photography case

(Image credit: Moment)

1. Moment Thin Case

The best iPhone 12 Pro Max case for photography

Reasons to buy
+Plenty of compatible MagSafe accessories+Two year warranty
Reasons to avoid

We recommend the Moment thin case for anyone looking to fix additional lenses to their iPhone 12 Pro Max. Compatible with all Moment's MagSafe accessories and additional lenses, the slimline case is a must-have for iPhone photography pros. It offers excellent functionality, while six-foot drop protection and a two-year warranty provide extra peace of mind. 

Sealife Underwater iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Sealife)

2. SeaLife Underwater iPhone 12 Pro Max case

Premium underwater photography from your phone

Reasons to buy
+Long lasting battery life+Removable color correction filter
Reasons to avoid

iPhones may be waterproof now, but they have limits. This nifty case will allow your device to go up to 130 feet under the surface of water with its sealing technology. Once you’re under, you’ll be able to use your iPhone’s camera in conjunction with the app to take underwater images. You can remove underwater color correction at any time to see images as they were captured, or keep it on to improve your shots.

Moshi Altra iPhone 12 Pro Max case

(Image credit: Moshi)

3. Moshi Altra Wrist Strap case

Excellent grip for quick one-handed photography

Reasons to buy
+Non-slip textured surface+Quick-release wrist strap
Reasons to avoid
-No mention of drop protection

The Moshi Altra iPhone 12 Pro Max case has been built to prevent drops, rather than building too much bulky protection into the phone case itself. You get a grippy textured surface across the exterior, with a detachable wrist strap for extra protection. This, and the ultra-responsive metal buttons along the side, make it perfect for one-handed photography and selfies. However, there's no mention of drop protection or shock absorption.

What to look for in an iPhone 12 Pro Max case

The first thing to do when shopping for the best iPhone 12 Pro Max case is to make sure you’re getting a case that will fit your new phone. Because the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro feature the same dimensions, the best iPhone 12 cases and iPhone 12 Pro cases are pretty much interchangeable. You don’t have that luxury with the iPhone 12 Pro Max and its 6.7-inch display.

If wireless charging is important to you, make sure that the case you’re interested in supports that feature. Many do and will say so, but particularly thick cases can affect your phone’s ability to charge wirelessly.

Since one of the main reasons to get a case is to protect your iPhone 12 Pro Max from damage, check out the drop protection rating for each case you consider. Cases rated to withstand drops of 2 meters (roughly 6.5 feet) should provide adequate protection, though some options claim to safeguard your phone from even greater heights.

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