Hisense is making an alternative to Samsung's The Frame for under $1,000

Hisense CanvasTV on wall in living room
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Hot off the debut of yet another enticing entry in its 2024 TV lineup in the U9N Mini-LED TV, Hisense has announced a Samsung The Frame lookalike that fuses art with the display experience. 

Called CanvasTV, Hisense’s new entry is a world of personalization that brings interchangeable frames and digital art pieces, letting you customize your TV to your liking across a wide range of options. 

But it isn’t just about the art, either. CanvasTV also uses an LCD panel with quantum dots, meaning this is a 4K QLED TV with surprising specs under its hood. With a native 144Hz refresh rate, multi-channel 2.0.2 surround sound system, and a hi-matte anti-glare panel, the CanvasTV might prove to be one of the best TVs under $1,000

Starting at just $999 for its 55-inch model, the Hisense CanvasTV is a bit more than just a looker. It pulls out all the stops and could give Samsung a run for its money, even as Roku updates its OS with The Frame-esque features. 

The art world in your TV

Hisense is bringing the museum to your home with the CanvasTV, all without losing the major qualities that make its displays so sought after. With some of the best TVs under its belt, including the Hisense U8K ULED TV and even the Hisense U6K, CanvasTV could prove no different as a 4K QLED offering with art as its main draw. 

As the name suggests, it will use a so-called Art Mode to display a canvas of varied preloaded art from across a wide range of different styles, like modern, renaissance, and abstract, as well as well-known masterpieces from around the world. The Art Mode will have its own button on the CanvasTV remote, which lets you instantly switch to a Van Goh painting when you’re finished watching all the Marvel movies in order

To further its art-deco personalization, the CanvasTV will also have interchangeable frames that use magnets for simple connectivity so you can style your display the way you’d expect it to look in the MoMA. A variety of frame options to choose from are at your disposal, including walnut, white, teak, and more. 

With its hi-matte anti-glare panel, the CanvasTV also seamlessly blends into the wall and looks just like a painting. It also uses an RGB sensor to seamlessly adapt to ambient light, optimizing the image quality to better suit the particular setting – thus, always looking museum ready.

And it could even find itself among the best gaming TVs thanks to a native refresh rate of 144Hz in tandem with ALLM and VRR. A multi-channel 2.0.2 surround sound speaker rounds out the features on the CanvasTV, gifting it superior audio quality despite its smaller size. With Google TV as its main interface, you’ll also never run out of content to explore. 

The CanvasTV will come in only two sizes to start, 55-inch and 65-inch, at a starting MSRP of $999 — $500 cheaper than the 55-inch Samsung The Frame, making this a hard bargain to pass up. You can expect to bring the museum home officially come late summer 2024. 

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