Xbox Series X: 5 things we want from the May 7 event

Xbox Series X
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Microsoft is poised to do a proper Xbox Series X showcase on May 7, promising to give a detailed look into the games Xbox fans can look forward to playing over Holiday 2020 and beyond. 

So followers of Microsoft’s games console should have their alarms set for 8 AM Pacific Time on next Thursday. But the whole thing has got us wondering what we’d like to see from the Xbox Series X showcase. 

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Xbox Series X exclusives  

We already have a rough list of what games are coming to the Xbox Series X, including the recently announced Assassin’s Creed Vallhalla. And we know that Halo Infinite and Senua's Saga: Hellblade II will be Xbox exclusives, but we’ve not seen any proper game footage from them. Nor have we seen many next-gen titles announced, though quite a few games like Gears 5 will be ported over to the Xbox Series X with some enhanced features. 

So we’d really like to see Microsoft show off a deluge of next-generation console exclusives, particularly when as it has now got a lot of development studios and developers working under its Xbox Game Studios banner. 

We’d place a big bet on seeing some proper Halo Infinite game footage, hopefully showing off an exciting single-player mode as well as a comprehensive multiplayer suite: Halo Battle Royale anyone?  

The official Xbox announcement states that we'll see "first look next-gen gameplay from our global developers partners," which likely means third-party games will be the focus of the show. But we sure would like to see some Microsoft exclusives make an appearance. 

Xbox Series X backwards compatibility  

Microsoft has said the Xbox Series X will be backwards compatible with older Xbox games, including all Xbox and Xbox 360 titles that are already optimized for Xbox One.

But could we see even more classic titles pop up from the extensive Xbox back catalogue? Our own Adam Ismail raised the question about how truly backwards-compatible the new consoles can be when the need to gather old licences and dig into old code can lead to beloved titles being left out. 

More clarity from Microsoft on this, along with any information as to how the Xbox Series X might enhance such older games for 4K displays, would be much appreciated.

Xbox Series X enhancements 

Cyberpunk 2077 is coming to Xbox Series X

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

Speaking of enhancements, we’d quite like to know how the Xbox Series X will boost games that span the current and next-generation consoles. We’re looking at Cyberpunk 2077 in particular, as we already know that CD Projekt Red plans on enhancing its open-world RPG for next-gen systems.

Will frame rates and resolution simply get cranked up? Or will the Xbox Series X bring in ray-tracing and other graphical bells and whistles to such games? We’d like to know on Thursday please, Microsoft. 

Xbox Series X price 

Microsoft has done a good job at explaining that the Xbox Series X will be the most powerful console it has ever made and one that’ll best the PS5 in raw teraflop grunt. And Redmond’s gaming division has also highlighted the fast SSD storage and expandable storage of its upcoming console. 

This is exciting stuff for specs fans. But for some, the question of how much all this will cost remains. Microsoft has said that the price will be competitive with Sony’s next-generation console but hasn’t blurted out an actual price. The Xbox One X initially cost $499, so we’d not be surprised to the Xbox Series X be around that mark. 

As such, we would really like Microsoft to end the rampant speculation and just reveal how much the Xbox Series X will cost. This way, we can either be pleasantly surprised or desperately save as much as we can over the next six months.

Xbox Series X release date

And after price, we’d like to Microsoft to tell us when we will be able to get our hands on the Xbox Series X. And for eager Xbox fans, a pre-order date would also be good. 

Currently, all we know so far is the Xbox Series X is due out "Holiday 2020," which is a rather vague Christmas time. An actual release date would be much appreciated; this writer would like it to be November 26, as it’s his birthday. 

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  • Enry117
    Can you even read? They have been very very clear on what they are gonna show: third-party games on Series X. Why in the world would you expect first-party games, price, and release date??? Just to spread false expectations?