Xiaomi 12 Pro will officially feature this breakthrough display

A cropped-in official render of the Xiaomi 12 (right) and Xiaomi 12 Pro
(Image credit: Xiaomi)

The Xiaomi 12 has had more of its secrets given away via the Weibo page of Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi. This time, he's had some fun things to tell us about the screen of the top phone due for launch next week, the Xiaomi 12 Pro,

Lei introduces the display of the 12 Pro by calling it a "second-generation low-power 2K screen." 2K in this case can be used interchangeably with quad HD (QHD), the current gold standard for flagship smartphone displays. He then goes on to describe several ways in which Xiaomi's made the display power efficient.

Some of this is achieved through technologies like new luminescent material and micro-prism technology which, while no doubt important, don't mean much to users. More interestingly, he also mentions the phone using the new generation of LTPO material, the part of a smartphone screen that allows for adaptive high refresh rates, which Lei mentions as the fourth point on the list. This sounds like the same technology that OnePlus just teased it was using for its next phone, the OnePlus 10 Pro

While it's not mentioned in this post, previous images from Xiaomi of the 12 Pro suggest the display will be slightly curved, another move common among top-tier Android flagship phone screens. The base Xiaomi 12 won't get all these bells and whistles though. It instead uses a smaller, flat-edged FHD panel according to an earlier teaser released by Xiaomi.

All the same, both displays have received an A+ rating from DisplayMate, Lei later posted. We also learn from this post that both displays also use Gorilla Glass Victus, currently one of the toughest smartphone materials you can get.

Another confirmed detail about the Xiaomi 12 is that it will use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. Other rumors help us build out the picture of the phone, such as the use of 67W charging and a triple 50MP camera array.

Xiaomi's already told us that the 12 and 12 Pro will make their debut on December 28. It's not long to wait until then, but if you want to actually buy a Xiaomi 12, the wait's likely a bit longer as Xiaomi prioritizes launching in its native Chinese market first. Looking back to last year, the Xiaomi Mi 11 debuted in December 2020, but didn't go on sale globally until March 2021.

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