When is The Mandalorian episode 8 release date? Big Disney Plus finale incoming

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We're all looking forward to The Mandalorian episode 8. Credit: Lucasfilm (Image credit: Lucasfilm)

We're now counting the minutes until The Mandalorian episode 8 arrives on Disney Plus, so we can see how this season ends. Yes, that's right now that we got episode 7 early, we're already looking into the distant future to see how it ends. 

Of course, I'm going to get into a bit of spoiler-ish talk below, to explain how things are going as Mando and The Child enter this finale. But let's just cut to the chase, you just came here to find out when for the release date, right?

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When is The Mandalorian's next episode?

So, The Mandalorian episode 8 will be here before the year ends, arriving on Friday, Dec. 27. Based on previous episode releases, we're guessing it'll arrive a little bit after midnight Pacific (around 3 a.m. Eastern). Why so late? This way content comes out on the same day in all of the territories Disney Plus is available in, such as New Zealand, where this episode would drop at around 9 p.m. 

The Mandalorian season 1 schedule

  • Episode one: Already out (Nov. 12)
  • Episode two: Already out (Nov. 15)
  • Episode three: Already out (Nov. 22)
  • Episode four: Already out (Nov. 29)
  • Episode five: Already out (Dec. 6)
  • Episode six: Already out (Dec. 13)
  • Episode seven: Already out (Dec. 18)
  • Episode eight: December 27

Around the office, we've been scratching our heads for the reason why Disney Plus didn't tell us The Mandalorian episode 8 release date at the end of this week's episode. Then again, Apple makes the same mistake on Apple TV Plus. Maybe these companies want us to keep visiting their apps and wind up watching their other shows while we wait.

For those wondering why this week's episode broke from the pattern of Friday release dates, that's because Disney's got all of its efforts focused on Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker, which arrives on Friday Dec. 20. So, Disney Plus bumped The Mandalorian episode 7 to this past Wednesday (Dec. 18).

Thanks to a Disney press release published by Star Wars News Net, we know the entire release schedule for this 8-episode show. 

When is The Mandalorian season one finale?

Yes, The Mandalorian episode 8 — which arrives Dec. 27 — is the end of the first season of the big Disney Plus hit series. Need more Star Wars? I just saw episode 9 of the Skywalker saga last night, and I was pretty entertained. If you look at our The Rise of Skywalker review, though, you'll see not everyone was as entranced.

The Mandalorian episode 8 preview: what's coming next

Well, Mando must feel like he's living in a loop. At the end of episode 7, stormtroopers working for Moff Gideon — did Giancarlo Esposito walk here from the Dagobah system? What took him so long? — set the stakes for the finale.

Those troopers kidnapped The Child, so Mando's gonna have to rescue Baby Yoda from the empire (again). And sadly, Kuiil won't be there to help him, as the stormtroopers killed Nick Nolte's character off too.

What about The Mandalorian season 2?

Already mid-production, The Mandalorian season 2 began filming in mid-November. At this pace, we would guess it's coming in late 2020 or early 2021. 

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