Vizio smart TVs just got another massive speed boost — here’s what to know

Vizio home screen upgrade
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Significant improvements are heading your way if you own a Vizio Smart TV, as the company is rolling out some major performance enhancements starting today.

These changes come several months removed following Vizio’s Home screen redesign, which saw incredible speed gains and a complete refresh of its user interface.

Now, Vizio is making its Home Screen even more reliable with as much as 2x the speed and power when switching apps on select smart TVs, including its newest Vizio Quantum QLED Smart TV.

Home screen speed gains

Vizio home screen updates

(Image credit: Vizio)

So, how do these changes work exactly? Off the back of its cloud-based architecture, Vizio is streamlining its Home platform with exciting features and enhancements. These updates include smoother scrolling and responsiveness, in addition to better search functionality.

Seamless scrolling will ensure Vizio TV users can more freely access their content and apps using a new left-side navigation screen. Voice and text search has also seen a massive improvement through faster recommendation results.

The newest Home screen update is totally free and available to all Vizio Smart TV users. Vizio claims the update offers as much as 2x the speed and performance gains, allowing users to more freely and swiftly switch between their favorite TV applications. As an added bonus, they'll even turn on quicker now.

Vizio's software strategy

These updates arrive following a year of major software enhancements, with the full Vizio Home redesign making massive strides this past June, axing Vizio’s previous SmartCast branded interface. It was a welcome change and more are slated to come into the next year.

In February, several Vizio TVs were updated to include the new VIZIOgram feature, which takes inspiration from the likes of Samsung’s The Frame. The free upgrade lets Vizio TV users display art and assorted videos on their TV screen, gifting these models an additional level of use case.

Vizio is continuing its commitment to deliver the most optimal 4K TV experience on a budget. It’s latest Quantum QLED Smart TV is a testament to that commitment, delivering an exceptional feature set, like AMD FreeSync Premium, at an affordable price. 

See all the awesome new upgrades to the Home screen on one of the best Vizio TVs, the V-series, or better yet, on the premium Quantum X. 

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