This new tilting exercise bike makes Peloton look like a toy

A photo of a rider tilting on the Muoverti TiltBike
(Image credit: Muoverti)

Move over Peloton, there’s a new indoor bike in town, and everyone’s talking about it. Muoverti has unveiled its new indoor trainer, named TiltBike, which it will be showing at the Rouleur Show in London. The start-up has designed the bike to mimic outdoor riding, and as its name suggests, the bike can swing from side to side when you’re riding out of the saddle. 

According to Muoverti, its TiltBike allows riders to balance, steer, accelerate and brake, and lean into the corners as they would do outdoors. Although it’s not the first indoor exercise bike to offer this — the Bowflex Velocore can be switched to leaning mode. But compared to the Wahoo KICKR Bike, the WattBike Atom, and the likes of Peloton, this is definitely an exciting entry to the market. 

Although we’re yet to try the bike, which doesn’t start shipping until 2022, the company claims the on-pedal feel mirrors the physical forces of a real bike, such as gravity and incline. The electromagnetic resistance is controlled using an algorithm that updates a thousand times a second, which the company claims enables real-time simulations of factors you’d experience cycling outdoors, such as drafting and wind speed. 

For serious cyclists, the data also looks exciting. Without the need for any additional sensors, the TiltBike can give riders feedback on their power, speed, cadence, left/right balance, pedal smoothness, torque effectiveness, lateral force and time spent seated vs standing in real-time. 

The bike also has self-centering handlebars. Muoverti claims these handlebars, as well as the lateral movement of the frame, will allow the bike to move freely under the rider. In addition to mimicking a real-life riding experience, the TiltBike is said to give the rider a better indoor workout, as like riding outside, you’ll need to engage your core muscles when standing out the saddle, and work on your balance when leaning into corners. 

A photo of a rider pedalling on the Muoverti TiltBike

(Image credit: Muoverti)

Another standout feature of the bike is its controller and mini joysticks, which Muoverti claim allow you to steer within virtual spaces. Gamers, prepare to be delighted, as the brand says you can also free-roam interactive games such as Zwidt, Rovy, TrainerRoad and Bkool. While you can pair a number of indoor bikes and turbo trainers with programs such as Zwift, this is one of the first products on the market to combine a lateral moving bike, that feels as realistic as possible, with gaming controls.

A photo of the controller on the Muoverti TiltBike

(Image credit: Muoverti)

The TiltBike is designed to be super adjustable. Riders can tweak everything on the bike, from the height of the saddle and reach, to the length of the crank arms. It doesn’t start shipping until 2022, which gives you just enough time to install a rain machine in your living room to really feel like you’re riding outdoors.

We look forward to testing the TiltBike to see if it lives up to the hype.

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