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This major Windows 10 change makes it harder to accidentally delete files

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Microsoft will no longer let you easily delete the contents of your Downloads folder on your laptop or desktop, according to a new report.

Microsoft has tweaked its Windows Disk Cleanup tool to no longer give you the option of deleting your Downloads folder, Betanews discovered in an upcoming Windows update. 

The change, which is available in Windows 10 build 19018, which for now is only available to people in the Windows Insider Program, means the Downloads folder can no longer be chosen when you want to quickly delete files from your machine. 

Windows Disk Cleanup has long been a handy tool for finding extra and unnecessarily files and quickly deleting them to free up space on a hard drive. But the Downloads folder was never included in that. Microsoft added the Downloads folder as an option in its October 2018 update, but even then, you had to check the Downloads box before actually deleting its contents.

Deleting the Downloads folder isn't always the best of moves. While it often contains extraneous files, it can also be a spot where folks store important documents they download from their e-mail or other websites. In some ways, it's a catch-all — especially for those who don't always move their files to more permanent folders.

Microsoft told Betanews that its decision to remove Downloads came after some users mistakenly deleted the contents of the folder. While Microsoft added another step of requiring users to choose the Downloads folder to delete, some chose the select all option, which included Downloads. Only after files were deleted did they discover they didn't actually want to remove them.

For now, the update is only available to testers. But look for Windows 10 Build 19018 to launch to the public in the coming weeks.