This robot cleans the air all around your home — and I want one

ecovas aibot z2 at ifa 2023
(Image credit: Future)

Of all the appliances in my home that could be roboticized, I never considered one of them could be an air purifier. And yet, Ecovacs has not only done this with the Airbot Z1, it’s brought a second generation model to show off at IFA 2023.

The AirBot Z2 is a self-navigating robot, able to navigate your home autonomously - much like the best robot vacuums. Thereby ending the age-old question of where to place your air purifier for the best results. It’s just a shame the AirBot Z2 doesn’t also have a vacuum cleaner, because it could easily take care of two jobs at the same time.

According to Ecovacs this ‘bot can purify air with a “5-stage Deep Rejuvenation System”, which is capable of “active air management in five dimensions”. I’m not sure Ecovacs is using dimensions in the way I would, but apparently this means the AirBot Z2 is capable of treating the air in a bunch of different ways.

ecovas aibot z2 at ifa 2023

(Image credit: Future)

This includes removing air pollutants, a permanent antibacterial effect, fog-free air humidification, permanent air freshening and all while offering a noticeable breeze. There’s also a hair removal and odor filtering function that’s been specifically designed for homes with animals. So if you have a dog that sheds far too much, just like mine, this could prove very useful.

Seriously, there’s a layer of hair on every surface and no amount of cleaning will solve the problem. I could really use a robot to help reduce the amount of time I need to spend with a lint roller.

Plus, based on the display we saw at IFA, the robot shouldn’t have issues navigating around your pets. It certainly didn’t have any problems moving around the (toy) cats that were deliberately sitting in its path.

The downside here is there’s no word on when this robot will be available outside of China, or how much it will cost. However, The Ambient has been tipped off to the fact this ‘bot could make an appearance at CES in January, meaning you may find it cleaning up the air in your homes very soon.

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