Eufy’s new home security camera promises 24/7 recording with ‘no blind spots’

eufycam e330 professional bolted onto exterior wall
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There’s no shortage of home security cameras these days. But no matter how many cameras you have or who makes them, those cameras only work as solo devices. So what if you need footage of an incident from multiple angles and locations?

Rather than making you download and edit clips from cameras individually, Eufy’s new E330 (Professional) security camera system can splice it all together automatically using AI. That way, when you look at an event on your phone, you will get the whole story right away - and with no additional effort from you.

Eufy describes the system as offering 24/7 recording with no blind spots, though the latter will all depend on how many cameras you have and where you install them. Still, most home security cameras only tend to record when some kind of event is triggered, but it sounds like the E330 (Professional) never actually stops recording. It’s basically a home CCTV system with all the smarts you’d associate with modern smart security systems.

It’s a good thing the HomeBase 3 supports up to 16TB of storage, because it sounds like you’re going to need a lot of it. Like all Eufy devices all footage is stored locally, which means you don’t need to pay an ongoing subscription fee. The Homebase also powers the company’s DetectMind AI that can recognize faces and differentiate between different kinds of motion - be it human, animals, vehicles or something else entirely.

eufycam e330 professional at ifa 2023

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There’s also 4K video resolution, an ultra-light Starlight sensor for high quality night vision, and a spotlight - just in case you prefer your late night security footage to be in colour rather than various shades of gray.

It is worth mentioning that these cameras are wired, which ensures an uninterrupted power supply - which you’d need for constant recording. The cables are 16.4 ft long, which offers some additional flexibility, but you’ll still have to plan out where the cameras can go to ensure they’re within reach of an appropriate power source.

I know my house, which is built with several layers of brick, would make a DIY installation rather challenging.

The E330 (Professional) will be available in mid-September, with each camera costing $130. Homebase 3 is available now, and costs $150 when bought on its own.

Since this system will work best with multiple cameras there are bundles available. A 2 camera kit with a HomeBase 3 will set you back $350, or you can buy a 4-camera bundle with HomeBase (and 1TB hard drive) for $600. Reserving your bundles now will also save you some money, ranging from $20 to $100 depending on how you buy.

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